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Beyond the Law of Attraction

Frank M. Wanderer – The idea that we need to become something else other than what we are is not our own.

Creating the Future With the Moment Before Us

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times The future is often on our minds, whether or not we are thinking about the many global crises and how they will affect our world. Are we creating the future this very second or is the script already written? If it is it written, does it allow for possibilities and

What Are You Worried About?

Caroline Nettle, Guest Waking Times As a species, we have really peserfected the art of worrying. We worry about everything in tiny detail, as if worrying about it will lessen the blow, or make whatever we are trying to avoid not happen. We worry about whether or not we are going to get old, sick,

The Science of Positive Manifestation

Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D Guest Waking Times Are you the type of person that starts the day with a smile? Have you always wanted to be like that person who always seems to be in a good mood? Knowing how the brain works biologically can help you understand why it is so hard to change

The Law of Assumption

Beverly Blanchard, Contributor Waking Times Although there has been a significant amount of emphasis on the Law of Attraction, I believe the Law of Assumption is really the cornerstone in creating your reality. Under the Law of Assumption, the world that you see depends not so much as what is there but the assumptions you

The Law of Attraction Unveiled

Chris Bourne, Contributor Waking Times Harnessing the attractive power of the universe Unless you’ve woken up recently, you’ve probably heard much about the so called “Law of Attraction”. Motivational Gurus the world over seem to be advocating it’s use to create the reality we might want, to generate abundance in life or that long sought after

Good Morning December 22, 2012

Sherri Carter, Contributing Writer Waking Times  Here we are! December 22, 2012! We’ve heard so much about December 21st, but not much about December 22nd and beyond. Chances are, we all made it past the end of the Mayan Calendar, which, for the most part has been greatly misunderstood. My very basic understanding it that

How We Create Our Experience

Kelly Niven Waking Times I would like to explain to you how we are creating everything that is happening to us.  I will also explain how our mind and body are connected.  When you really get this you will hopefully have a light bulb moment and it will become clearer for you to see your

Living Beyond The Law of Attraction

Sherri Carter, Contributing Writer Waking Times When I heard about The Law of Attraction, it seemed to be a powerful message.  Authors, teachers and spiritual leaders who heavily focused on the belief that thoughts are energy, spoke about attracting everything we ever needed to us just by thinking good thoughts.  At first, this appeared to

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