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7 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Meme – Kombucha Tea has been used as a healing beverage for many years because it produces remarkable health benefits.

Kombucha Tea: A Panacea For Many Ills

The Health Coach, Contributing Writer Waking Times Let’s go right to the heart of the matter. What is it about Kombucha Tea that makes it such an elixir of sorts?! Why did the remote villages in Russia, where meat-eating and potatoes and vodka were standard fare every day, experience such unusual longevity and robust health by drinking Kombucha

Benefits of Kombucha Tea: Why is it Government Regulated?

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times The U.S. government would love nothing more to have their nose in everything we purchase, eat, drink, or even lay our eyes on, and in some ways they already do. Seeing a natural tea-drink come under regulation should be no shock to any of us. But many people don’t quite understand

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