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The 5 Stages of the Cycle of Mastery

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Waking Times “If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.” –Shunryu Suzuki The beauty of cyclic learning is that it kicks expert-mind back into beginner-mind. It is

Sacred Sites and Energy Fields

Julian Websdale, Guest Waking Times All of the sacred sites, wherever they exist in the world, are placed on vortex points called “conductivity discontinuities”. At these places the geomagnetic field of the earth interacts with the telluric currents (the magnetic flow across the face of the earth), and, when the two intersect, there is a

10 Hypotheses About Abundance and the Commons

Roberto Verzola, Daily Good Waking Times “Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive.” —Bryant McGill [Below is an excerpt of a keynote at the International Conference on the Commons, titled Abundance and the Generative Logic of the Commons.] “I will present my talk in the form of ten assertions about abundance and

What is Wisdom?

Peter Russell, Spirit Of Now Waking Times Humanity is too clever to survive without wisdom. — E.F Schumacher What is wisdom? We hear the word a lot these days—the need for wisdom, the wisdom traditions, wisdom schools. We each would like to have more wisdom. And for others to have it as well. Too much human

Imagination, Belief, Intellect and Knowledge

Carl Helmle, Guest Writer Waking Times A wise man once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Clearly however, most of our contemporary culture does not view it as such. Here in the western world, imagination is considered to be somewhat of a dubious use of time. At best, it is reserved for naive

The Importance of Selfless Networking

Zen Gardner If we’re in this at all we’re in it all the way. Once you’ve woken up you know the situation is both urgent and fully under control at the same time. It doesn’t reconcile in the carnal, natural mind but it makes total sense to consciousness. Paradoxes seem to abound, but it better

Post-Education: Empowering the Children of the Revolution

“Our age is retrospective. It builds the sepulchres of the fathers. It writes biographies, histories, and criticism. The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we, through their eyes. Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe? Why should not we have a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition, and a religion by revelation to us, and not the history of theirs?” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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