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Perspective on Tough Justice’s Inability To End Violence

Antony Sammeroff, Contributor Waking Times People become violent as a result of suffering severe trauma, such as childhood neglect, abandonment or abuse (physical, emotional and/or sexual) — that is the conclusion of established social science based on the psychological data available to us. The latest science on nature versus nurture says that human nature is 70-80%

Costa Rican Environmentalist Pays Ultimate Price for His Dedication to Sea Turtles

Jeremy Hance, Mongabay Waking Times On the evening of May 30th, 26-year-old Jairo Mora Sandoval was murdered on Moin beach near Limón, Costa Rica, the very stretch of sand where he courageously monitored sea turtle nests for years even as risks from poachers rose, including threats at gunpoint. A dedicated conservationist, Sandoval was kidnapped along

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