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Light and the Feel of Numbers

Jay Dyer – Consciousness is constantly being produced by an energy that comes from the depths of the unconscious.

Is the Truth Toxic?

Zen Gardner – The truth is only toxic to some. Namely those it exposes.

Not All We See

Ida Lawrence – Intuition is a ‘direct knowing’ of what is, and it operates best when the obstacles are removed.

The Question of Consciousness

Brendan D. Murphy – Some scientists had taken the absurd position that consciousness is an illusion. But the question remains.

Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strongest?

Tanaaz – Deciphering which spiritual sense is your strongest can help you tune in and strengthen your intuition more. Here’s how to find out what is your spiritual gift.

The Four Levels of Intuition

Simone Wright – As you become familiar with these levels of communication, your rapport with this natural form of intelligence will grow, evolve and expand…

New Research Suggests Humans Can Sense Future Events Without Clues

April McCarthy, Prevent Disease Waking Times Wouldn’t it be nice to predict future events, even if they are just ten seconds ahead? According to researchers at Northwestern University, we can do just that. Researchers already know that our subconscious minds sometimes know more than our conscious minds. Physiological measures of subconscious arousal, for instance, tend

How Your Intuition Reveals Your Brain’s Best Decisions

Louis R. Valadez, Guest Waking Times There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance. ~Albert Einstein We often hear a lot about the great strength of the human intuition, but rarely

The Four Levels of Intuition

Simone Wright, Guest Waking Times Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. According to a recent UCLA study, we are exposed to a tsunami of information that amounts to over 174 newspapers full of data per day. That is more than 5 times the