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Us and Them?

Julian Rose – The old weapon of ‘divide and conquer’ is exercising an almost total paralysis over society at this time.

ADHD is the New Education

Jon Rappoport – The unhinging of the young mind from any semblance of accomplishment and continuity goes beyond the agenda of outfitting children to be worker-drones in a controlled society.

The Fear of Fear: How To Beat It

Julian Rose – “Be wary of those who claim that fear is ‘an illusion’. It is not. We cannot ‘escape’ fear by pretending it doesn’t exist.”

Where the Warrior Comes In: Authenticity vs. Manipulation

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times At this moment in time, as we stand on the precipice of devolution or evolution, what does ‘pay attention’ mean to us? Our hearts seek wisdom and courage, and the justified faith that attention can bring. We came into this, so is attention the price of being born… an obligation?