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All Life Depends on Soil

Dr. Vandana Shiva – Bringing the soil to the center of our consciousness and our planning is vital for the life of the soil, but also for the future of our society.

India’s Science of Light

Richard Smoley, New Dawn Waking Times While most people in the Western world are aware of astrology, comparatively few know that other cultures have other systems of astrology. There are Chinese and Tibetan horoscopes, with their cycles of twelve signs going through years rather than months, so that the key to your character is the year,

Monsanto’s Patent Appeal Rejected by Indian Government, Saving Farmers, Food and Lives

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times Monsanto’s attempts to patent further seeds and bankrupt entire generations of farmers and their families that have successfully farmed for centuries have been halted—at least in India—for now. Less than a week ago, Monsanto got more than a slap on the wrist from the Indian government – they were

From Mexico to India: Monsanto is Killing More Than Just Biodiversity

Jen Wilton & Liam Barrington-Bush, Guests Waking Times In late April, world renowned Indian ‘seed activist’ Vandana Shiva travelled to the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca to join a gathering of Mexican farmers, indigenous leaders and environmentalists, fighting to protect Mexico’s native corn crops against the imposition of genetically modified alternatives. The group gathered for the ‘Pre-audiencia

India Signals It Is Rearing To Kick Monsanto Out!

Sayer Ji Waking Times A report from the August 17 edition of the American Association for the Advance of Science’s journal Science titled, “Negative Report on GM Crops Shakes Government’s Food Agenda,” revealed that an Indian high-profile parliamentary panel, only a week before, recommended that GM crop “field trails under any garb should be discontinued forthwith,” and

Government of India Declares That All Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled

April McCarthy Prevent Disease Can we give a thumbs up to the ministry of consumer affairs in India? They have issued a gazette notification early this month indicating that every food package containing genetically modified food shall bear at the top of its principal display panel, the words ‘GM.’ Indian consumers will soon have something that most of the

Nuclear Insanity

Dr. Vandana Shiva Navdaya International Fukushima has raised, once again, the perennial questions about human fallibility and human frailty, about human hubris and man’s arrogance in thinking he can control nature. The earthquakes, the tsunami, the meltdown at Japan’s nuclear power plant are nature’s reminders of her power. The scientific and industrial revolution was based