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Why is Fracking Dangerous?

Infographic – Fracking carries known and unknown risks of harm for public health and the environment upon which public health depends. Here are some of the known dangers.

Fracking: A Deadly Power Surge

Jill Richardson, Guest Waking Times Jacki Schilke was suffering from symptoms ranging from rashes, pain, and lightheadedness to dental problems and urinating blood. The formerly healthy, 53-year-old cattle rancher’s body was under assault from a list of toxic chemicals as long as your arm. But Schilke’s lucky — so far — compared to five of her

Fracking, Fracking and More Fracking

Stefanie Spear, Guest Waking Times It’s virtually impossible these days to read, listen to or watch a news program that doesn’t mention hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Nearly every day, EcoWatch posts at least one article on fracking and last week was no different. Big news last week was the announcement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that

Faster Drilling, Diminishing Returns in Shale Fracking Plays Nationwide?

Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog Waking Times Today’s shale gas boom has brought a surge of drilling across the US, driving natural gas prices to historic lows over the past couple of years. But, according to David Hughes, geoscientist and fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, in the future, we can expect at least the same frenzied rate of drilling

Will Fracking Affect My Family?

Laura Grace Weldon, Guest Writer Waking Times  Have you heard about fracking? It may seem like it will have no impact on your or your family. But take a look at the facts. A dairy farm not far from us is the first in our area to begin hydraulic fracturing. This process was developed to