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Thinking Is Dangerous

Osho Waking Times Thoughts are always subversive. Only people who do not think are not subversive. Thinking is a crime. Jesus is crucified, Socrates is poisoned, Gautam Buddha is stoned. These people have not harmed anybody. They were the most loving, most compassionate human beings possible — but they committed a crime, and the crime’s

Kicking Stones – Clearing the Pathway for Others

Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times I’ve had a habit for many years, as I’m sure many others have, of clearing paths that I travel by foot. I can’t help it. I kick stones out of the way, clear branches, whatever I happen upon. It only makes sense and I’ve never thought anything of it. I

The Division of Humanity by Humanity

Heather Rodgers, Love Responds Waking Times The strategy of Divide and Conquer has been used throughout history almost every time there is one group that wants to dominate or defeat another group. It has been a tried and true strategy for generals on the battlefield to assist in winning wars. The same strategy has been

The Ten Rules For Being Human

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease Waking Times In the past twenty-four years, the Rules for Being Human have circled the globe – photocopied and passed from friend to friend, transmitted via the internet, printed on brochures. However, credit for this masterpiece of wisdom goes to Cherie Carter-Scott, author of If Life Is A Game, These Are

Waking Up to Vladimir Putin’s Uncommon Common Sense

Balzac, Contributor Waking Times First and foremost we should be governed by common sense. ~ Vladimir Putin (Time Magazine, 2007) President Vladimir Putin is audaciously attempting to remove the brush covering from atop the common sense rabbit hole, which is not only a truly rare and subversive act in the eyes of the Con, but

Human Race, Take Your Power Back

Stephen Parato, Contributor Waking Times Don’t externalize your inherent power. Stop giving your power away. That’s how people devolve from unique individuals to automatons. From vibrant beings, to dull shadows. From freethinkers, to brainwashed sheeple. From healthy and passionate, to fat and apathetic. From fun-loving and imaginative, to just plain bland. These stark contrasts are

And We Call Ourselves Civilized

Isabelle Gravenstein, Guest Waking Times Human beings have got the most amazing capacity to fool themselves, whilst appearing to exercise great intelligence and achievements. It is none more obvious then when we call ourselves civilised. Firstly, what benchmark do we use to know that we are civilised and that that bunch of people over there is not?

Language – The Dawn of Thought

Peter Russell, Spirit of Now Waking Times Man is nothing but evolution become conscious of itself. – Julian Huxley To the casual observer the most noticeable difference between human beings and the great apes is not our larger brains, but the uses to which we put them. Unlike chimpanzees or gorillas — and unlike any

How to Stop the Rise of Superbugs

Waldemar Ingdahl, American Waking Times The rise of ‘superbugs’ is causing tens of thousands of deaths a year in the United States alone. A problem as complex as antibiotic resistance will require several solutions. Increasing antibiotic resistance is of great concern — the health of millions is dependent on our ability to defeat the threat

Humanity Is Transforming And Changing: The Great Awakening

In5D Waking Times The planet is going through a mass transformation. There are many aspects to this transformation, and in the end one must come to realize the basic building block for global change starts with us, humanity on a collective level, together. We are being called to evolve past our current way of living,

Trust and Connect

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times We do get a bit bruised by life. How could we not? We’re here at a profound time; a time when people are in need of an actual ray of hope. While we can’t offer a solution to another’s life, we can offer our calmness, our encouragement, and whatever information

21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Christina Sarich Our past scientific assumptions have been erroneous more than once. The first wrong assumption is that the space around us is empty. It isn’t.

Homo Divinicus – The Shape of Things to Come

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times These are monumental times we’re blessed to be living in. Humanity is waking up from eons of amnesia. Gaia has centred in the Fifth Density and powerful evolutionary transitions of consciousness will unleash the earth from the restrictive and exploitative karmic energies of our past. To many, in these early

Reconstructing Our Global Reality

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times Our nation, the United States, is the richest and most powerful nation in the world. The rich live a decadent lifestyle, and there exists a large middle class, but tens of millions live in poverty. 50% million people [1/6 of our population] cannot afford basic health services. 15% of our people live

What is Wisdom?

Peter Russell, Spirit Of Now Waking Times Humanity is too clever to survive without wisdom. — E.F Schumacher What is wisdom? We hear the word a lot these days—the need for wisdom, the wisdom traditions, wisdom schools. We each would like to have more wisdom. And for others to have it as well. Too much human

Listening to the Song of the Earth

Jonathan Merritt, Sacred Fire Contributor Waking Times It is no longer possible to ignore the catastrophe that confronts us as the ice melts, as the oceans warm and storms wreak havoc in Asia, as endless droughts grips Australia, India and Africa.  And, despite the efforts of millions of good-hearted men and women, we have to

Help Yourself

Eric, Day-Blind Star Waking Times In my short experience on this big blue marble there is one-act that I have continually come to find gratifying. The best way to help yourself is by helping others. Since the way we see the world is a reflection of how we see ourselves, lending a helping hand can

The Map Makers: Evolution of Consciousness (Video)

Is evolution really as complicated as we make it out to be? This video suggests that despite our differences – perhaps we are much more united across this planet than we choose to acknowledge. Our ability to create something or not create something together is merely a choice. It’s time we see our differences as a postive thing & realize we are more united than we may think…

The End of Entropy: A Look at Our Entropic World and the Evidence Supporting How We Could Change This

Entropy. That measure of disorder that increases as energy is dissipated into unusable forms effects many aspects of our present human condition. It is easy to grasp the principle as it pertains directly to heat. We see the energy of a fire heat our food, but we also can see a great deal of heat going out unused and unusable. This extra heat can be seen as increasing the disorder, as the molecules affected move more rapidly and more disordered.