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How the Rothschilds Control America

Video – Watch the late George Carlin, American actor, comedian and author, shares his thoughts about how the Rothschilds control America.

Who Hides Behind the Logos of Corporations?

Video – Spencer Cathcart wrote this short film about his views on the lie that we are forced to live as a result of the corruption in this world hidden behind logos of corporations.

The Zombie Meme & Collective Psychosis

Robert Bonomo – The zombie meme is pointing to a fear that something has broken in our culture and what awaits us is a collective psychotic break of apocalyptic proportions.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Video – This is the final speech of the Great Dictator, delivered by the character, the Jewish Barber, in Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film, “The Great Dictator”.

It All Goes Back in the Box

Video – Just like a game of monopoly, everything you have gained – it all goes back in the box. How far do you have to walk down that road before you see where it leads?

Healing Cancer With Organic Food

Lance Schuttler – A major revolution in the western healthcare, pharmaceutical and cancer industries is occurring and the movement is reaching the critical mass point…

The Purpose of Life

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times “It is in the finest reach of man’s consciousness that God abides or reveals himself most fully.” –K.K. Nair/Krishna Chaitanya The above sentence, written by the brilliant and renowned Indian scholar K.K. Nair/Krishna Chaitanya, expresses to me the most profoundly beautiful of thoughts. For after all is said and

Federation or Ferengistan: the Choice is Yours

Balzac, Contributor Waking Times “Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.” – Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #13 Fear exists for one purpose: to be conquered – Captain Janeway (Voyager) If like me you’re a Star Trek fan (particularly Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise), it would hardly be surprising that at some point you’ve

Looking Beyond the Issues to the Causes

Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times There are some difficult problems facing us that threaten not only our fundamental rights as human beings but also our very survival. We can and must tackle a seemingly endless stream of issues in a struggle for truth, freedom, security and justice. But unless we can get to the underlying causes

Selfish Self Consciousness vs. Consciousness of the Self

Julian Rose, Guest Writer Waking Times  Throughout the past three to four decades, putting ourselves in the foreground and just about everything else in the background has become ‘the new normal’ for millions of well-off Westerners and followers of Western fashions. This has had three outstanding affects: firstly, it has contributed to a huge increase

The Most Popular ‘Medical Ethic’ is Greed

Dr. William Kay, M.D, Guest Writer Waking Times The phrase “medical ethics” sounds great in principle, but some important questions remain unanswered.  Who is deciding what is ethical in medicine?  How are those decisions being used?  In this article we will explore some of the very ugly uses of modern “medical ethics”, namely the protection

The Wake-Up Call

Peter Russel, Spirit of Now Waking Times The ancient Chinese symbol for crisis, wei-chi, combines two elements: danger and opportunity. The danger is that if one continues to pursue approaches that are no longer working, then disaster is imminent. The opportunity is to let go of the old patterns and find new ways of being


Is Money Just Another Drug?

In our world, there are likely as many money addicts as there are drug addicts, although, it is not yet illegal to crave more money.

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