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Is Your God a Devil?

Richard Smoley – Does the God we adore act totally with our best interests at heart?

Waiting For God?

Julian Rose – Many individuals appear to be waiting for some one, or thing, to intervene and make things OK.

2001: An Alchemical Spatial Odyssey

Jay Dyer – Stanley Kubrick’s journey into space was a breakthough in film, but what does it say about the human condition?

I Tremble For My Country

Ida Lawrence – America is becoming a very painful place for those of us who are ‘white’. It has always been a very painful place for those who are not.

Does Biblical Evidence Present God as Evil?

Video – In this video, the narrator argues that the God, as presented by the Bible, is inherently evil, and offers Biblical evidence of how God condones many types of heinous crimes.

Smashing Atoms… for God

Julian Rose – For most people it remains the case: we were given free will and we chose to be slaves.

Non-Duality and the Meaning of Religion

Hans Meijer – The challenge is to dive deep into your mind and to become aware of those aspects of your life where your self interest is contrary to the spiritual laws which sustain life.

The Big Kahuna in the Sky

Ida Lawrence – As a child I believed there was someone all-powerful, watching every deed, who heard every thought, judged me, wanted me to do right, and who cared for me and answered prayers.

Sacred Geometry: The Math of God

Video – Spirit Science dives into the topic of Sacred Geometry to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end the video looks at the second informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life and God.

How Living Your Best Life Will Save the World

Randi G. Fine – “Smile at someone today. Share the love. Love is contagious. Let each and every one of us begin the process of infecting our planet with love and light, right here, right now. We can do it. We must do it.”

The Optical Universe

Chris Plouffe, GrahamHancock.com Waking Times The Law of Balance There is really one law in the Universe and that is balance. All other things come from balance. The Universe doesn’t allow anything other than balance to be replicated. Balance is based on the Love principle of giving and re-giving. The principles of rhythm, vibration, time,

Search for the Mind of God

Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, New Dawn Waking Times Stephen Hawking famously ended his 1988 bestseller A Brief History of Time with the statement that, if and when physics finds its long-sought grand unified field theory “we would know the mind of God.”1 Although since then he has reportedly regretted the phrase, and famously announced in 2010 that

Four Ways Nietzsche Made God His Bitch

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times “We stumble on; the Übermensch plants a foot where there is no certain hold; and in the struggle that follows, the whole of us get dragged up.” –William James Friedrich Nietzsche is a fascinating philosopher that must be taken with a grain of salt, and possibly the entire salt

We’re All Complete Little Bits of God

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times I don’t ever want to see another person hurt in love… in fact, I don’t ever want to see another person or animal or piece of the earth hurt at all, in any way. The energy of injustice and betrayal, conflict and injury, entrapment, deception, terror and fear of death,

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