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Just How Much Pesticide are You Eating Everyday?

Christina Sarich – If then, more than 80% of the ‘staple’ crops in the US are planted with GM varieties of corn, soy, and cotton, then we can assume that we are all eating a big heaping helping of those herbicides and pesticides, right?

Genetically Engineered “Terminator Seeds” – Death and Destruction of Agriculture

Colin Todhunter, Green Med Info Waking Times The widely held belief is that genetically modified ‘terminator seeds‘ are not available on the commercial market anywhere. Since 2001, there has been a de facto worldwide moratorium on the use of terminator technology (UN Convention on Biological Diversity). By definition, such seeds are genetically engineered to make

GMOs Quietly Pushed For Commercial Growing in The UK

Aaron Jackson, Guest Waking Times Currently there is no commercial growing of Genetically Modified (GM) crops in the United Kingdom, only an experimental trial of GM Wheat which started in 2012, but now the Prime Minister’s personal scientific adviser; Sir Mark Walport and others are pushing an agenda to allow GM crops from Biotech firms

Monsanto Planting New GM Soybeans in 20 Locations Despite Recent Activism

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Waking Times The imperative nature of marching this Saturday, May 25th, in the March Against Monsanto couldn’t ever be more stressed than now, with recent news that Monsanto keeps forging ahead with its repugnant plans to poison us all by planting more altered seeds – yet again. Monsanto and other mega- pharmaceutical companies, with

Will You Be At The International March Against Monsanto?

Heather Callaghan Waking Times Nick Bernabe, Emilie Rensick, and Tami Monroe Canal’s organizational and social media directing gifts have been pivotal in garnering support for one of the largest worldwide peaceful protests to date. Initiative from hundreds of activist organizers online, activist media writers and tens of thousands are sharing the message. Any other divergent opinions are

Industrial Agriculture

Pesticide Action Network Waking Times Humans have been farming for 10,000 years. Sixty years ago, after World War II, we started industrializing U.S. farming operations through a mix of policy decisions and accidents of history. This method of farming is neither inevitable nor efficient. More to the point, it can’t be sustained. Industrial agriculture treats

Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer Waking Times How important is it what you put in your mouth, after all? How much man made, toxic lab food can one ingest before negative symptoms show up? How much more sickness does this society have to endure before we finally stay united and demand more from our food system, through

Monarch Butterflies in Decline Due to Proliferation of GM Crops

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times The monarch butterfly is yet another animal species that appears to be in rapid decline due to the rise in herbicide-resistant genetically modified (GM) crops. These butterflies lay eggs on milkweed plants, and once the eggs hatch, monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the weed. Yet, the overuse of Monsanto’s

Poland Bans Genetically Modified Crops

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times The North-Eastern European country, Poland, has become the latest EU nation to ban the production of genetically modified (GM) crops, although, the European Food Safety Authority has approved GM crops as being safe for cultivation. Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture has opted to take advantage of  a special ‘safeguard clause’

Monsanto Back at it Again in Costa Rica with GM Corn

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times In the small Latin American country of Costa Rica, where agriculture is king and enormous corporate plantations have dotted the country-side, a subsidiary of Monsanto is making a push to plant several hectares of genetically modified transgenic corn in the Northwestern province of Guanacaste. However, this month, a group of