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What is Matrix?

Jon Rappoport – The overwhelming majority of human beings are trapped in a form of hypnosis.

How Those in Power Stay In Power

Video – It’s not as complex as it may seem for those in power to stay in power. They need us more than we need them.

Our Respective Journeys Into the Valley of Reason

Michael T. Winter, Contributor Waking Times The Internet awakening has given birth to a worldwide multitude of people that are disengaging from the programmed paradigm created for us, and awakening to the reality of the dangers we face. The web has supplied a platform for writers to take a crack at opening the eyes of

10 Steps to Free Yourself From the Conspiracy Against Enlightenment

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times To those who’ve made the effort to cultivate their spiritual nature and who’ve learned to see beyond the five sense reality that has most of us isolated in the material world, it is clear that enlightenment and higher states of consciousness are part of our original human nature. Our birthright.