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We Create Creation

Soren Dreier – We create creation. And hereby we create both illusion and reality.

Requiem for an Equinox

Soren Dreier & Chautauqua – We humans are a pretty resilient bunch. We can absorb a tremendous amount of setback or grief without giving in to the negativity.

Is Miami on the Brink of A Nuclear Disaster?

Sayer Ji, Founder, GreenMedInfo Waking Times Concerns over the possibility of a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown event in the US have been growing, with the most likely next disaster predicted in 2011 to be surprisingly close to Miami Florida, at the Turkey Point facility 41 miles south near Homestead. According to a July 23rd NPR story, the Turkey

Fukushima Disaster Still A Global Nightmare

Harvey Wasserman, EcoWatch Waking Times The corporate media silence on Fukushima has been deafening even though the melted-down nuclear power plant’s seaborne radiation is now washing up on American beaches. Ever more radioactive water continues to pour into the Pacific. At least three extremely volatile fuel assemblies are stuck high in the air at Unit 4. Three years after the