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Ag-Gag Lawsuit Challenges Corporate Attempts to Criminalize Free Speech and Journalism

Will Potter, Green Is The New Red Waking Times The first lawsuit against ag-gag laws will be filed in Utah today, arguing that it is unconstitutional to criminalize investigative journalists and animal welfare advocates who expose cruelty at factory farms and slaughterhouses. The lawsuit brings together activists, academics, and journalists who are directly targeted by the law:

Fracking Industry Trying To Keep Doctors Silent About Chemical Dangers

Farron Cousins, DeSmogBlog  Waking Times Polls conducted in recent years show that close to 80% of Americans trust their doctors. They believe, rightly so, that their personal doctors are looking out for their patients’ best interests, and that doctors will do what is necessary to get patients healthy. But what happens when a doctor is legally bound to

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