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The Downside of Healthy and Organic Foods

Margie King, Health Coach, Green Med Info Waking Times When you’re trying to eat a healthy diet, the simplest rule is to stick to whole, unprocessed foods. If it has a label, be cautious. If the label makes health claims, run the other way. According to one expert, as America’s collective waistline continues to expand,

New Study Shows Deception of Whole Grain Food Labels

Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times Barley, spelt, millet, and quinoa are just a few examples of healthier whole grains. However, the food industry is inconsistently classifying foods as “whole grain” and, in many cases, misleading consumers according to a new study by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. One of the most widely

Government of India Declares That All Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled

April McCarthy Prevent Disease Can we give a thumbs up to the ministry of consumer affairs in India? They have issued a gazette notification early this month indicating that every food package containing genetically modified food shall bear at the top of its principal display panel, the words ‘GM.’ Indian consumers will soon have something that most of the