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10 Reasons Why You Should Compost

Rachel, This Original Organic Life Waking Times 1.) Composting turns trash into treasure Compost turns what would ordinarily be considered “garbage” into viable nutrients. 2.) Composting builds soil Composting plays a critical role in building healthy soil.  This is extremely important given that the US loses about 3 tons of topsoil per acre annually (source). At this

Findings Show Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizers Leach From Soil to Groundwater Much Faster Than Previously Thought

Mason Grant, Prevent Disease Waking Times While nitrate is a common nitrogenous compound due to natural processes of the nitrogen cycle, anthropogenic sources have greatly increased the nitrate concentration, particularly in groundwater. Scientists in France and at the University of Calgary say that nitrogen fertilizer applied to crops lingers in the soil and for decades

Industrial Agriculture

Pesticide Action Network Waking Times Humans have been farming for 10,000 years. Sixty years ago, after World War II, we started industrializing U.S. farming operations through a mix of policy decisions and accidents of history. This method of farming is neither inevitable nor efficient. More to the point, it can’t be sustained. Industrial agriculture treats