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How Did Humans Get So Out of Balance?

Ida Lawrence – Lots of people say it, and it can’t be denied… this would be a wonderful, balanced natural world if humans weren’t a part of it.

The Evolving Feminine in the Matrix

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Sometimes we don’t really know how the collective human experience has affected our lives until something hits a mark, and we respond emotionally. The angry don’t know they’re angry, the stressed don’t know they’re stressed, the fearful don’t know they’re fearful, the resentful don’t know they’re resentful. It can be

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times As we move along, evolve, disengage more and more from the snares that hold us in 3D, or the mundane reality defined by the control system, and we plug in to a higher reality with our eyes wide open, we change our entire system. When one thing changes and takes

A New Chivalry

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times When it comes to spiritual warriors on assignment, it does seem to me that men and women show up to battle with different weapons. Men are tremendously skilled at wielding true information driven by love, and women hold the disarming weapon… love driven by true information. It doesn’t just work