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100 Ways to Elevate Your Consciousness

Drew 4 Mind 4 Life 1. Connect with nature – Go for a walk in the forest, jungle, field of daisies, or wherever you feel like getting a connection with nature. It is possible to feel at deep sense of peace and oneness when you attempt to connect with nature. As you learn to connect

Consciousness and the Expanding Earth Theory

Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest Waking Times Many metaphysicians and scientists believe that our universe is expanding, so based on the premise, ‘As above, so below’, is it within the realm of possibility that Earth is expanding as well? We also see an awakening of consciousness which reflects the premise of “As on the inside, so on the outside”. 

Divine Infinite Consciousness, Beyond the Limits of Language

Peter Borys, Jr., Guest Waking Times When we are communicating through language, we are participating within the limits of a specific sensory frequency range, which is then decoded by the thinking mind to determine meaning at a certain level of the conscious mind. This applies to both verbal and written frequencies. Language is limiting because it

Plugging Into Your Intuition Helps Expand Consciousness

Mitali Parekh, Prevent Disease Waking Times Intuition is the signal your unconscious mind sends you, telling you to do something or not. Hone it, say help experts to expand consciousness. Has it ever happened that your phone beeped, and you knew it was your client. Some call it a hunch, others, a fleeting flash of intuition.