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Is Europe About to Lose the Fight Against GMO’s?

Julian Rose – A determined effort by all of us, who care about real food and real farming, will be needed to stop one of the most insidious attempts yet to end Europe’s widespread resistance to genetically modified organisms…

Despite Majority Opposition, GMO Corn Gets Green Light in Europe

John Deike, EcoWatch Waking Times Corporations, backed by influential lobbyists and western governments, dealt major blows this month against activists who are fighting to limit the cultivation of genetically modified organisms(GMOs). The European Commission gave DuPont Pioneer the green light to freely grow insecticidal corn, also known as TC1507. Photo courtesy of ShutterstockOn Feb. 11, the European

3 Signs That Anti-GMO Activism Is Working In Europe

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Waking Times There are days that Monsanto’s efforts to dominate the food supply through its patenting of GMO seeds seem so malicious and abhorrent, that any possibility of regular people and family farms taking back control over agriculture and our food source appears insurmountable. Yet, there are also days when it appears

The Matrix is Unwinding

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer Waking Times These are very exciting times. A whole host of events and circumstances are converging across the world causing the old fear based reality to fracture and fragment. It’s big business that has had such a strangle hold on Humanity’s freedom of expression and evolution: well I believe these two

Freedom! Switzerland Bans Dolphins in Captivity

In a major victory for dolphins and dolphin advocates, Switzerland’s House of Representatives has voted to outlaw the keeping of dolphins in aquariums or for entertainment purposes.

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