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Video of Amazon Gold Mining Devastation Goes Viral in Peru

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay Waking Times Video of illegal gold mining operations that have turned a portion of the Amazon rainforest into a moonscape went viral on Youtube after a popular radio and TV journalist in Peru highlighted the story. Last week Peruvian journalist and politician Güido Lombardi directed his audience to video shot from

How To Inspire Environmental Responsibility When Walmart Dumps Tons of Poisons Illegally

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times Walmart is one of the largest retailers in America, employing millions with minimum-wage jobs, and offering cheap goods and services from a Big Box corporate model. In a six-count offense confession, they have pleaded guilty to dumping chlorine, ammonium sulfate, fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals into the local

How the Media Prevents Meaningful Discussion About the Condition of Our Environment

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Waking Times For a normal human being who understands the value of having clean air and water to consume, clean soil to grow food in, and of living in a habitat that can support life, it is frustrating to watch one environmental calamity occur, after another without ever seeing a mainstream, non-politicized

Palm Oil and Our Future

LeAnn Fox and Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Guest Writers Waking Times  Palm oil is used on a wide variety of products, including foods. One of these companies is Kellogg’s, maker of a wide variety of food products and best known for its cereals. While Kellogg’s touts its environmentally-friendly practices, its actual practices are far from being so.

The Health of Trees and The Natural World Is Closely Linked To Our Own State of Health

Karen Foster, Prevent Disease Waking Times  As a species, we’re just beginning to recognize that the environment is vital to our health. The need to reduce acid rain emissions, stop dumping hazardous wastes, and slow down deforestation needs be addressed from the perspective of people’s health. Evidence is increasing from multiple scientific fields that exposure

Sand Land: Frac Sand Mining in Western Wisconsin

Steve Horn, DeSmog Blog Waking Times The rush to drill for unconventional gas, enabled by a process popularly known as “fracking,” or hydraulic fracturing, has brought with it much collateral damage. Close observers know about contaminated water, earthquakes, and climate change impacts of the shale gas boom, but few look at the entire life cycle of fracking from cradle to grave. Until recently, one

Lakota Women Lead Victory Over Keystone Pipeline Trespassers (Video)

Lakota families refuse to allow passage of a convoy of trucks and equipment servicing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Blocking the highway with non-violent resistance, the determination of the Lakota in rejecting the convoy can be viewed as inspiration to all who oppose the destruction of our environment to temporarily meet energy demands. A temporary victory for sure, but an opportunity to revisit the idea of non-violent resistance and an opportunity to celebrate.

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