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What Labels Do You Wear?

Ida Lawrence – We think of consciousness as being seated in the mind, but is it?

Are You a Mature Soul?

Frank M. Wanderer – What does it mean that the Soul is mature or immature?

Identifing the Projection of Unconscious Tendencies

Video – An excerpt from Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols on the shadow aspect of the psyche, our projection of unconscious tendencies, and the power that the shadow holds over the Self.

The Secrets of the Spiritual Journey

Frank M. Wanderer – The book of our life stretches between the two end points, and this book is the chronicle of our wanderings.

Non-Duality and the Meaning of Religion

Hans Meijer – The challenge is to dive deep into your mind and to become aware of those aspects of your life where your self interest is contrary to the spiritual laws which sustain life.

Transcend the Ego and the Illusion of the Self

Video – Author of Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, describes the properties of consciousness and how mindfulness practices can be used to transcend one’s ego.

The Subjugation of the Creator

Julian Rose – Those in pursuit of power are seldom satisfied. They always want more. In a seemingly never ending act of compulsive consumption, they seek to dominate or destroy all that stands in the way of their thirst for power.

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