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3 Types of Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Have MSG

Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no absolutely no health benefits. It is a processed food and pharmaceutical additive that is an extremely dangerous neurotoxin (excitotoxin) that kills brain cells in the hypothalamus and has been linked to migraines, seizures, ADD/ADHD, heart palpitations

Is Dairy Bad For You, or Good?

Kris Gunnars, Guest Waking Times Dairy products are controversial these days. They are cherished by the health organizations as an essential food for bone health. But other experts disagree and think that dairy is harmful and should be avoided. Of course, not all dairy products are the same. They vary greatly, depending on how the

Killing Them With Kindness?

Julie Umpleby, Contributor Waking Times Most of us at some stage will have reached into our pockets and made some kind of financial contribution to assist those in the ‘third world’ so desperately in need of nourishment, help and support. After all, how can any decent human being not be affected by the images of emaciated,

The Dangers of Dairy

Dr. Amy Myers, Guest Waking Times All of those “Got Milk?” ads from the last decade or so would have us believe that dairy is a cornerstone of the healthy diet, providing essential nutrients, fortifying our bones, and knocking out osteoporosis left and right. But, is this true? Is consuming dairy necessary or even healthy

7 Foods To Stop Consuming Today

Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times If just one quarter of developed nations would stop consuming the following seven foods, the incidence of obesity and preventable disease would drop more than 50 percent. These foods are toxic to the body, offer no nutritional value and create systemic inflammation making their consumption precursors to auto-immune and

Factory Farms: Bad for Farm Animals and Human Consumers

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times Those idyllic (extremely happy) farm scenes depicted on most conventional dairy products, meat packaging, and egg cartons are far from the reality of how conventional meat comes to be. Unlike organic livestock conditions, factory farming puts animals in gruesome concentration camp-like conditions to prepare them for horrible deaths. If

Why You Should Avoid Low-Fat Cheese and Milk

Lisa Garber, Natural Society Waking Times  If you thought you were doing your body justice by reaching for the low-fat cheese or milk, you may want to think again. While dietitians and others recommend low- and no-fat varieties, more experts are starting to realize why full-fat milk, cheese, and dairy as a whole should be

The 3 Foods That Can Be Destroying Your Health

Neda Smith, FDN, CMTA, HHC, Guest Writer Waking Times Often addiction, especially to food, occurs during your childhood years. We all remember eating cereal as kids, but over the past three years the amount of cereal consumed by children and adults has increased to an all-time high. In its original form it was designed to

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