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How Should Our Society Deal With People Who Use Drugs?

Tony Newman, Drug Policy Alliance Waking Times The war on drugs is a cruel joke. The U.S. spends more than $50 billion a year on the “war on drugs” with the goal of creating a “drug-free society” – yet there has never been a “drug-free society” in the history of civilization. Virtually all of us

10 Biggest Pot Myths, Debunked by Science

Paul Armentano, AlterNet Waking Times By any objective analysis, cannabis and cannabinoids exceed the FDA’s existing standards for medicine. Medical cannabis opponents are fond of promoting many myths and misconceptions about the herb. Here are the facts. 1. Medical cannabis is too dangerous to recommend as a medicine The cannabis plant and its biologically active constituents, known

Fracking Main Street: New Report Shows Social Costs for Rural Communities

Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog Waking Times What’s it like living in a small town that’s gone from rust belt farmland to fracking boomtown? First, residents often say, there’s the traffic.  Communities have been unexpectedly flooded with heavy tractor trailers that locals say turn 10 minute commutes into hour-long ordeals, choke back roads and decimate pavement so

Costa Rican Environmentalist Pays Ultimate Price for His Dedication to Sea Turtles

Jeremy Hance, Mongabay Waking Times On the evening of May 30th, 26-year-old Jairo Mora Sandoval was murdered on Moin beach near Limón, Costa Rica, the very stretch of sand where he courageously monitored sea turtle nests for years even as risks from poachers rose, including threats at gunpoint. A dedicated conservationist, Sandoval was kidnapped along

Our Justice System Requires Us To Punish Wrongdoers. What If There Were a Better Way?

“No justice. No Peace.” What exactly does this sign mean?

We think we know what it means — that we who want justice are willing to fight for it. The words have a deeper meaning, of course. They are intended to remind us that it is not possible to have a peaceful society as long as there is injustice, because inevitably those who are oppressed will rise up.

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