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Ferguson Everywhere Now

Luke Nephew, Waging Nonviolence Guest Waking Times  Blood is dripping down our faces onto the stainless steel of the armored police van. The hot yellow light flickers against the angry eyes of six young black men. We are trembling in pain and rage. Our chests are heaving. We are still breathing. One man’s eyes stare into mine. “They

7 Tactics to Trick the World into Higher Consciousness

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times In a culture where “thinking outside the box” is a common cliché that gets tossed around by people who simply do not think outside the box, we sometimes need ways to jump-start our world views, to stimulate our weltanschauungs, and to kick open our third eye. Here are

Civil Disobedience or Death by Design

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times Friends. How much time do we have left? By my clock it’s five minutes past midnight. We are into unchartered territory. Territory where only bravery and vision can hope to cut through the torpor and stupor which is bringing about the designed obsolescence of the human race and the transgenic

How Can You Resist the Age of Drones?

Ken Butigan, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times On Monday President Obama nominated his counterterrorism chief, John O. Brennan, to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Though some civil liberties groups and other critics have raised questions about Brennan’s involvement in the CIA’s practice of torture during the Bush administration, relatively less has been said about his

Occupy Homes, One Year On And Growing Daily

Laura Gottesdiener, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times  Occupy Homes MN supporters march down Portland Avenue to reclaim a vacant foreclosed house in Minneapolis. Photo credit: MrBrownPhoto.com via Occupy Homes MN. “We are about to take this house over, okay?” shouted Reneka Wheeler, speaking slowly and emphasizing each word as she stood in front of a

82 Year Old Nun Shuts Down US Nuclear Weapons Facility

Nathan Schneider, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times  Peace activists close nuclear facility, cause historic security breach The Transform Now Three with their signs, via http://transformnowplowshares.wordpress.com. In the early morning on Saturday, July 28, three gray-haired trespassers made their way into a nuclear weapons facility in Tennessee. They were armed with human blood, hammers, candles, flowers,

Fresh Food Moms Threatened With Criminal Charges Scheduled to Disobey

Mothers are threatened with criminal charges, but will continue openly defying MDA; and a farmer is criminally charged for providing fresh food to mothers.

Several Minnesota moms who facilitate access to local farm food are planning to act despite the risk of criminal charges laid out in warnings from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).

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