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Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share

Christopher D. Cook – Seed libraries—a type of agricultural commons where gardeners and farmers can borrow and share seed varieties, enriching their biodiversity and nutrition—have sprouted up across the U.S. in recent years, as more Americans seek connection to food and the land.

Grassroots Community Disaster Relief in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Laura Gottesdiener, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times I’m not sure when I realized that we were in the middle of a full-blown disaster. Maybe it was when I saw the outline of a National Guard soldier hanging off the side of a hummer on a blackened strip of Rockaway Boulevard. Perhaps it was when I

Religious Exemptions to Vaccines are Life or Death Rights

Sandor White, Contributing Writer Waking Times Over many years, the media and corporations have mounted a concerted effort to demean religious faith and to portray certain religious groups as dangerous to modern society. Darwin and evolution are often the means, pitting “modern science” against “religious dogma.” The problem is that “science” has become the pawn

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