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Every Act a Ceremony

Charles Eisenstein – What can modern people can draw from the ceremonial approach to life?

Where is Jesus in the Awakening?

Zen Gardner – The awakening is a constantly unfolding convergence of consciousness and it comes through many vectors.

15 Toxic Beliefs You Should Give Up to Be Happy

Luminita Saviuc – There are so many limiting and toxic beliefs we hold on to, beliefs that keep us from living the happy, joyful and meaningful life we all deserve to live.

How We Lose Our Personal Power

Mary Rivas, Contributor Waking Times Everyone has the potential to live an amazing life. We were all born with a vast amount of energy that, if not depleted, can absolutely be used to create amazing changes in our lives and help us live truly extraordinary lives. The problem is as time goes by, we start

Breaking the Barriers of Belief

Brandon Pearce, Contributor Waking Times Last week, I had a few interactions that reminded me how much our attachment to our beliefs can keep us from truth, growth, and freedom. I was surprised at how often we choose comfort over truth, even when it means restriction and repression. And how terrifying it can be to

15 Beliefs and Habits of Highly Effective and Happy People

Tera Laserna, Prevent Disease Waking Times Regardless of industry, profession, town, city or nation, highly effective and happy people share many of the same perspectives and beliefs and they act on those beliefs. 1. Time doesn’t fill me. I fill time. The average person who is given two weeks to complete a task will instinctively

Mainstream Science – Another Religion Created by the Controllers

Beliefs are basically the scaffolding by which our present paradigm, worldview, or consensus reality has been built, propped up, and maintained. Though we don’t realize it, we are currently trapped between two opposing paradigms by the old scaffolding (false beliefs) because we refuse to see that the old scaffolding must be dismantled before our awareness can expand to the boundaries of the scaffolding of a new and less limiting paradigm.

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