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This Discovery Makes Bee Die-Off Problem That Much Worse

Heather Callaghan, Contributor Waking Times Many arrows point to the bee decline. A Harvard professorrecently warned that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is only the beginning for us. The ripple effect from new classes of pesticides is just getting started. But there’s more… The problems they face can be compared to a kaleidoscope, where the shapes are

More Evidence Emerges That Insecticides Are Responsible For Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies

April McCarthy, Prevent Disease Waking Times Two widely used neonicotinoids–a class of insecticide–appear to significantly harm honey bee colonies over the winter, particularly during colder winters, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). The study replicated a 2012 finding from the same research group that found a link between low

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