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The Rise of Cancer And The Depletion Hypothesis

Living Ayurveda Waking Times Cancer is increasingly ubiquitous–what’s behind that trend? I agree that the use of so many more carcinogenics in our products, and increased EMG radiation play a big role. However, these are influences that increase the likelihood of a cancerous (irregular) cell forming. A little known fact is that everyone of us

Ayurvedic Methods to Detoxify

Melissa Camacho, Guest Waking Times There are two methods of treatment to detoxify using Ayurvedic means: Shamana, or palliative therapies; and Shodhana, which is panchakarma. Shamana consists of dipan (kindling the digestive fire), pachan (burning ama), fasting, observing thirst, exercise, sun or moon bathing, and specialized breathing or pranayama. This article focuses on the process in which one approaches a regimen of detoxification, including how to go

Four Ayurvedic Herbs and One Integrated Oil That Relieve Arthritis Better Than Medication

Dr. Marianna Pochelli, Prevent Disease Waking Times The single most prescribed drugs in the world are for pain. Popular anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. However, natural equivalents used in Ayurvedic medicine are not only more effective and reducing long-term pain, but they carry no high-risk side effects. Your poor

Oilpulling: A Healing Therapy For Dozens of Diseases

Karen Forster, Prevent Disease Waking Times Oilpulling is an age old Ayurveda process which works on the root cause of symptoms and helps the body in its healing process, hence takes significant amount of time in giving you the desired results. The cost is the price of a daily spoonful of coconut oil–cheaper than even a vitamin

The Forgotten Language

Osho Waking Times The divine language originated in the heartFeeling is the language, the forgotten language. If you understand feeling, you understand the whole. lt is said of Lukman, one of the wisest men ever born — he is the founder of Yunani medicine — that he would go to plants, to bushes and trees,

Why You Should Keep Your Orange and Banana Peels

Karen Foster, Prevent Disease Waking Times The peels of fruits hold some of the most incredible nutrients in the world. There are dozens of uses, both medicinal and practical, for orange and banana peels that are unknown to most. Next time you think about throwing away one of these peels, you may want to have

Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome: The Human Body Has Become Polluted

The Health Coach, Contributing Writer Waking Times  Here’s the law of the land which must first be understood, if we are to heal what ails us. As human beings, we come from Planet Earth. Our bodies are made from earthstuff. All of the constituents which comprise the human body come from the earth. All of

Wheat: To Eat or Not to Eat?

The Health Coach, Contributing Writer Waking Times  That has become the question for every health enthusiast who has been hit with a barrage of conflicting reports about wheat in the diet. Since we’re dealing with the staff of life, this weighty issue must be reconciled in the minds of all concerned, especially those who are challenged

Fire in the Belly: Manipura Chakra, Turning Power Into Peace

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer Waking Times The Famous psychologist, Carl Jung, once said that Manipura chakra is where we burn through our passions and desires in order to become a completely realized individual. This chakra is the third in the system of seven conceptualized by Ayurvedic and yogic doctrines, and is also associated to Tiferet

Turmeric: The Physical Essence of the Divine Mother

Radiant Living, Contributing Writer Waking Times Throughout India there is a very sacred ritual called Arati wherever the Hindu tradition is practiced. A puja tray is waved in front of one’s chosen deity or ishta devata with great love and reverence. On the puja tray can be found a lit candle, some beautiful flowers and the three sacred and

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