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What Labels Do You Wear?

Ida Lawrence – We think of consciousness as being seated in the mind, but is it?

What is Ascension and is the Human Race Ascending?

Pao. L. Chang – For millennia, many religions and spiritual teachers have been telling us that during 2012 and soon after, humanity will experience a special spiritual event called ascension.

Are You Suffering From These Ascension Symptoms?

Deidre Madsen, Contributor Waking Times Are You Suffering From R.A.M (Rapid Ascension Movement)? Are you feeling sad, confused, experiencing unexplained body aches and pains, disorientation, loss of time, loss of memory, sudden career or relationship changes, more alienated than ever from the world, excessively lethargic, lost, heightened sensitivities to foods, medicines, or supplements, surges of

Fukushima – One Hell of a Mirror for Humanity

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times Have you wondered why news about the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant is eerily sparse? Recently the Russian Federation has raised reporting about Fukushima to its highest classification, meaning that if the truth was released, it could damage the foundation of the federation itself. And in America, according to insiders,

13 Qualities of Spiritual Ascension

Barbara Lynn-Freed, Contributor Waking Times Like everything else, the meaning of Ascension is relative to who you are, your spiritual background and how you perceive reality. Traditionally, Ascension has implied liberating our soul from physical form to etheric substance and Light. Christianity gives us a perfect example of this type of Ascension through Christ’s resurrection.

Awakening to Divine Human Consciousness

Peter Borys Jr., Guest Writer Waking Times In our journey to become a higher expression of our true consciousness in Divine Being, we often use language that includes words such as “healing,” “transformation,” and “evolution” to describe a process of change. Because we are moving from one frequency of consciousness to another, we perceive this

The Game of Earth Is Yours To Play

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease Waking Times You have come to this planet to learn. There is no right or wrong, simply frequency selection. That’s it. You have come to integrate experience and let go of judgement. This is the game of earth and you are all playing very well. Having fun? Earth is game of

The Wave of Energy You’ve All Been Waiting For Has Begun: 12-12-12 to 12-21-12

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease Waking Times Energy and consciousness can neither be destroyed nor created. All that is and all that you are exists for eternity. If it exists, there is no such thing as it not existing. Since there are only transfers of energy, what you perceive as death is simply a portal to

Update 2012 – Understanding Planetary Ascension

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times  Much has been written in recent times – especially through 2012 – about our planetary “Ascension”. What exactly does the term mean? What is going on? To me it is an entirely natural evolutionary flow of the universe which although can be explained in scientific terms, can only really be

War and the Passage of Light

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times I’ve just been working with an evolving group in New York, a fascinating place indeed. Clearly a key anvil in the shift of consciousness, it is a dense energy grid of consumerism and control, equating metaphorically to “Machine City” in the film The Matrix. There’s so much ‘old-boy-power’ here,

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