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Study Finds Conventional Chicken to be Highly Contaminated with Arsenic

Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society Waking Times In 2011, a report was issued from the Food and Drug Administration blasting roxarsone, an arsenic-based drug used in chicken production. The FDA announced the Pfizer-made drug was contaminating chicken sold to the American people at a high level. After the scathing report, Pfizer voluntarily pulled roxarsone. But, the arsenic scare

Researchers Prove Link Between Arsenic In Rice and DNA Damage

Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times Rice is a staple in diets around the world, but tests have recently detected alarming and worrisome levels of arsenic in hundreds of rice products ranging from infant cereals to rice cakes, rice pastas, rice drinks and rice itself. The Rice Industry says arsenic occurs naturally and concerns are

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