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The Secrets of Food Marketing and How You’re Being Fooled By Advertising

April McCarthy, Prevent Disease Waking Times There are large divisions within every population in the world where people have absolutely no idea where their food comes from. They believe cows, pigs and chickens run around in green pastures, without any comprehension of what they’re fed, how they’re treated and most of all, completely unaware of

6 Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated By The Food Industry

Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet Waking Times While many procedures on factory farms are cruel, breeding animals into mutants and violating mother/offspring bonds are truly crimes against nature. The horrors of factory farming are multifold. Treating animals like heads of lettuce—”forget it’s an animal” says one farming magazine—has created institutionalized ruthlessness toward animals, workers and the environment at the

Appalling Lack of Progress in Factory Farm Policies Despite Increased Public Awareness

Kaye Spector, EcoWatch Waking Times A comprehensive analysis of the U.S. meat, egg and dairy industries in 2008 excoriated  producers for their business practices. A new assessment of progress since then says industrial livestock production remains just as destructive, and little has been done to address any of the problems. The report, from Johns Hopkins University Center for a

How Inorganic Arsenic Accumulates In The Meat of Chicken Then Sold At Your Grocery Retailer

Marco Torres, Prevent Disease Waking Times Poultry has become one of the most contaminated sources of meat available to humans, particularly due to approved arsenic-based additives which 80% of all chickens consume in their daily diet. Until recently, chicken producers would routinely supplement poultry feed with a growth-promoting arsenical drug called roxarsone, which helps give

The United States of Progesterone: What’s Really in Your Chicken Sandwich?

Richard Console Jr., Guest Waking Times The meat we eat is a mishmash of the political, practical, economic, and spiritual. Our taboos about protein vary by geography, even by household. Some eat pork, some don’t. Others serve camel as a delicacy – a tradition that would make many Americans faint from the cultural shock. We

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