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The Anger Trap

Zen Gardner – We must keep anger in its place. The general populace is being set up and baited for violent response.

A World of Hurt That Can be Changed

Angela Pritchard – If we really want to see change in our lives and the world, then it’s up to us… In each moment then, we create the opportunity to make a choice to act differently.

Intention and the Dashboard Light

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can rectify anger into something a little more constructive. And though it’s within our reach to resolve contentious matters in a quick and civil way, some will give in to hostility as

When Anger Just Won’t Go Away

Angela Pritchard, Guest Waking Times We all get angry. Even if we are aware of the harm it can cause, we often can’t help feeling it and in so many different ways – outbursts, irritation, frustration, forcefulness in opinions, glares, raised tones, curt responses, hurtful words, negative moods, and on and on it goes. We

How Your State of Mind is Affecting Your Well-Being

Paul Lenda, Guest Waking Times Most of us know that the environment has a tremendous effect on our physical and mental well-being but did you know that our thoughts directly affect the way we physically feel? Remember always that we live and exist as part of a vast, elaborate, and intricate matrix of consciousness where

Why We Get Mad When Others Challenge What We Believe In

Joe Martino, Guest Waking Times Thousands of years ago the earth was the center of the universe. Hundreds of years ago the earth was flat. Today, we know both of these things to be false given what we have discovered about our world and the solar system. However, when people first started bringing the idea

He Who Isn’t Busy Being Born…

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times “He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying.” –Bob Dylan You know the expression, “Rightful Indignation”? Well that’s a fire which we must not put out. “Rightful anger” is a direct extension of rightful indignation. It is a burning sensation in the chest and heart and it is a

Seven Ways to Release Anger Out of Your Body

Suzanne Hosang, Guest Writer Waking Times Anger is a feeling of powerlessness. However, within your anger is a tremendous sense of power, purpose, passion and meaning because when you feel angry, it’s because you wanted to do something and you were blocked from doing it. People usually think of emotions as good or bad and

How I Became a Sorcerer

Singing to the Plants We have discussed the idea, widely held in the Upper Amazon, that human beings in general, and shamans in particular, have powerful urges to harm other humans, and that the difference between a healer and a sorcerer comes down to a matter of self-control. And on that there hangs a story. A

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