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Antidepressant Effects of Ayahuasca

GreenMedInfo Research Group – One study highlights the efficacy of Ayahuasca, a native Amazonian plant, as a powerful antidepressant in treatment-resistant depression.

15 Herbal Teas for Every Ailment

Infographic – A list of 15 of the most common herbal teas that can boost your immune system, cure a variety of ailments and could even help prevent fatal diseases.

Comedians on Psychedelics

Video – Psychedelics are starting to get mainstream attention from all types of entertainers as people seek solutions to the deterioration of the human psyche and health.

Should Homeopathic Medicines be Banned?

Tracy Kolenchuk, Guest Waking Times In England, The Daily Mail Reporter headlines “Homeopathy remedies should be labeled as placebos and banned on NHS“, but added, “But some doctors said their patients seemed to benefit despite no clinical trial evidence that homeopathy worked.” The blog “10 Pseudo-Science Theories We’d Like to see Retired Forever,” says “Homeopathy

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