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Monsanto’s Roundup Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples

John Deike, EcoWatch Waking Times A new U.S. Geological Survey has concluded that pesticides can be found in, well, just about anything. Roundup herbicide, Monsanto’s flagship weed killer, was present in 75 percent of air and rainfall test samples, according to the study, which focused on Mississippi’s highly fertile Delta agricultural region. GreenMedInfo reports new research, soon to be published

Indoor Air Quality: What Is Your Family Actually Breathing?

Virginia Cunningham, Contributor Waking Times We think of our houses as our havens, a safe zone away from the dangers that lurk outside our doors. But did you know that the air inside your home might be more hazardous to your health than the air outside–regardless of what the smog rating is for the day?

10 Things to Avoid for a Toxin-Free Home

Dr. Amy Myers, Guest Waking Times Toxins are all around us. For optimal heath, it’s important to reduce our exposure to chemicals and toxins. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your home and work environment clean and green. 1. Conventional flooring. Conventional carpet is made from synthetic, petroleum-based fibers that can emit up

How To Save Your Lungs Before It’s Too Late

Dr. Ben Kim, Guest Waking Times As a society, my feeling is that we don’t put enough emphasis on protecting our lungs against harmful macro and microscopic particles; this is a huge mistake, as reduced lung capacity is, in my mind, more damaging to quality of life than say, sub-optimal digestion, mild to moderate liver

Want Cleaner and Purer Air? Try Air-Cleaning Plants, NASA Says

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times NASA knows a thing or two about keeping air clean,  sending astronauts into space with a limited amont of breathable air for months  on end. Afterall, they can’t simply open a window when things get stuffy in  space. What NASA researchers have learned about air quality in the home  concerning air-cleaning

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