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The Dark Side of Chocolate

Film – A documentary about the exploitation and slave trading of African children to harvest chocolate nearly ten years after the cocoa industry pledged to end it.

Looming Mining ‘Tsunami’ Set to Take Africa by Storm

John C. Cannon, Mongabay Waking Times As nations invest billions in extraction development, forests may suffer big losses. Many of the minerals that enable our technology, back the value of our economies (or did at one time), and power our cities can be found in Africa. And yet the continent still remains something of an untapped

Africa to Build World’s Largest Hydro-Electric Dam, but Who Will Benefit?

Liz Kimbrough, Mongabay Waking Times The Congo River traverses the continent of Africa, ending its journey in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where it spills 1.5 million cubic feet per second into the Atlantic Ocean. Now, plans are underway to harness this tremendous force of water in what promises to be the world’s largest

What Happened to the Elephants of Bouba Ndjida?

Christina M. Russo, Mongabay Waking Times Editor’s Note: This is an incredibly difficult story to look at, as it highlights in graphic detail how poachers are slaughtering the last remaining wild elephants on planet earth. While Americans and Europeans trouble themselves with entertainment, political news and the narratives set up for us by the mainstream

New Frontiers in Free Energy: The Gravity Light

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times The need for free, non-extractive energy sources is paramount to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. It seems that the fossil fuel industries have for decades succeeded in suppressing the most promising alternatives to dirty fuel, and there appears to be no end in sight to big

An Awakening in Darkest Africa

Linda Smith Waking Times I am a white African, privileged to have spent my youth in one of Central Africa’s most magnificent countries. A country founded by and named after Cecil John Rhodes. I grew up in an environment where being strong was the only option available to me. I never believed the media’s version

The Arab Spring You Haven’t Heard About – in Mauritania

Peter Dörri, Contributor Waking Times You may not have heard of it, but the West African country of Mauritania has what is probably one of the most vibrant and active protest movements in the world today. Protests drawing tens of thousands of people (out of a total population of just three million) take place almost weekly

Poison Fire (Video)

We see creeks full of crude oil, devastated mangrove forests, wellheads that have been leaking gas and oil for months. We meet people whose survival is acutely threatened by the loss of farmland, fishing and drinking water and the health hazards of gas flaring.