Surging Twixt Converging Worlds

Upside Down World

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

“Between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s verge.”
Lord Byron

There is a lot of evaluating and assessment going on right now. Where are we heading? The trajectory of at least the outside world is certainly not a good one. What about our personal lives? How will these seemingly inevitable fascist external controls affect us? Should we adjust our plans accordingly?

And how?

A lot of questions, and a lot more surmisings. Choose your course wisely but don’t be attached to the outcome. A simple but profound concept. It’s a time to stay light footed and ready to play it by ear.

If that seems disconcerting to you, there might be a problem or two you need to address. Adjust accordingly and continue to jettison excess baggage. This existence is transient and so should be our way of life. Doing so is becoming a matter of survival at the very least, but it’s also a path of immense happiness and freedom.

  • 2016 – Just Another Year?

    2015 was a year of tumultuous challenges and changes as we watched the outside world unzip and unfold in the midst of engineered events, the resultant disappointing sway of hypnotized humanity, and a concurrent massive awakening underway on multiple levels both within and without each of us.

    It was all preparation. For now. As now is for the next phase.

    Hopefully, most have taken care of the basics and unloaded unnecessary stuff, attachments and pointless connections and obligations. If not, you better get on the stick because the next front of this hurricane is about to hit. It’ll tear all that bullshit away anyway, and you’ll be left with missing limbs that were trying to hold onto it.

    I kid you not. Let go now, or face the consequences.

    What we’re rapidly steering towards is clearly a storm, a type of wormhole or massive energetic shift, however you want to describe it. We all know it’s true to some extent. Taking refuge in looking at the zombified masses, acting as if everything’s OK and nothing’s going to happen, just won’t work. Not to their growing hysteria.

    Do not look to the outside for confirmation of anything. Look to your heart.

    The Urge to Surge

    We are currently faced with the opportunity of the ages; to affect the direction of humanity within its most dire straights. That may sound overly presumptive or symbolically exaggerated but it’s true. The crossroads is here, in our faces, in our lives, and directed by our every decision.

    Will we react as we’ve been externally programmed to do and withdraw in fear? Or take that challenge like warriors called to the ultimate battle.

    We each have some serious decisions to make. And they’ll be continual. That’s what thinking on our feet is all about. But staying on our feet implies not sitting down, but being in a ready stance. As the rising tides of both awakened and blindly reactive humanity continue to intrude on our previous paradigms, only those familiar with the nature of shifting conscious awareness that are prepared with a foundation of true knowledge will be able to successfully navigate what’s ahead.

    A Time to Assert – We Have the Advantage

    It’s not a time to be on the defensive, but to take the initiative and a clear offensive. There is a mighty awakening happening in our midst, and it’s powered by you and me. We are the engine of creative change that will make the difference. We don’t have to be a majority or even 10 or 15%. Just wholehearted and communicative and boldly bearing that living heart energy for all to see.

    The consequences will take care of themselves.

    It’s a fine line between intense, compassionate concern and mistakenly carrying the world on our shoulders. The world is not ours to move; it’s only ours to do our part. The rest will unfold naturally. Maybe not as fast or in the fashion we would like to see, but it will happen. It already is.

    The amazing amount of empowering and revealing information that’s been generated by independent and alternative media for billions to view has not been in vain. In fact, it is perhaps our biggest engine driving this transformation and having a profound effect. And it’s powered by me and you.

    And it’s scaring the crap out of the two dimensional cling-ons.

    Don’t think for a minute these parasitic wanna-be controllers aren’t getting hit with this massive shift that we’re all undergoing. This is why their psychotic attempts at creating chaos to gain resultant control have become so transparent and sloppy. They’re desperate and going through their own confusion and disorientation, as most on the planet are.

    No one escapes the shift. This is where we have the upper hand.

    Step It Up – With Full On Confidence

    Our approach to all of this needs to be conscious and heart led most of all. Knowing the true underlying reality of this screwed up shifting playing field is a massive advantage. We now need to take wise steps towards manifesting what we know to be true.

    We’re also undergoing monumental personal changes in preparation for a next phase now breaking upon us. Take time for these adjustments, they’re fundamental to our having a truly transcendent and fully empowered approach. Then band together, as fully realized individuals.

    That’s the next step.

    Moving into this next phase of building community is a natural evolutionary step no one should miss out on. Find others now. Follow up your on-line relationships with meet ups. Attend awake events, visit intentional communities, gather together with like minded people in your community on something you all agree needs doing or addressing.

    Use the community connector at where over 10,000 people have already logged on looking for others in their communities. It works, because connecting works. There are many other similar venues available to take part in.

    Whatever avenue you have to make a difference this year, use it fully. And venture out and find new ones. Connecting with others will open new vistas to you and steps will unfold before you. Let’s not let them corral us into any sort of defensive mode – physically, mentally or spiritually.

    When we take the initiative it’s all ours for the taking. Why? Because we have the truth.

    Find the surge within you. It’s there and growing. Then release it with abandon!

    Love always, Zen

    P.S.: Ken O’Keefe’s World Citizen Solutions initiative is another avenue towards conscious participation. It will have many levels of involvement that anyone can get behind. I wholeheartedly suggest everyone look further into it at and stay tuned for more information coming soon! It’s taking the initiative that puts us in the driver’s seat!

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