Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex – Thomas Sheridan (Video)

Waking Times

Editor’s Note:  The original video with this post was hosted by YouTube and has been made ‘private’, and is no longer available for viewing.  For this, we have attached a interview with Thomas Sheridan which discusses the nature of the psychopath and the effect they have on the lives of he rest of us. 

“You don’t get to be a hero by being a coward and sitting back and accepting the status quo.  Evolution is calling you to task.” – Thomas Sheridan

An excellent and thorough explanation of the psychopath and the reasons the world is in chaos.  Why is there a war on human consciousness and how do we live up to our high human potential for living peacefully and fruitfully on this beautiful planet?  The solution lies in disassociation with psychopaths and turning our energies to the elevation of our consciousness.  A must watch!

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