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There’s a very strange vibe that’s hit the past few days. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to these things and it can often be personal situations, but I’m hearing it being echoed from several quarters. We’ve been discussing this at home as we’ve been hit strongly with experiencing this same wave of weirdness. What I find peculiar is that I’m not finding clear correlating news trends that usually accompany these sensations. Instead it’s the same old march to global madness–now our basic reality.

As if that isn’t bizarre enough.

It’s not comfortable nor empowering whatever this spiritual weather system is. It’s more of a scramble signal of some sort. It seems to seek to zap our energy and confuse our thinking and spiritual orientation. This of course is an ongoing phenomenon we all have to deal with but it seems it’s being amplified. And we each need to learn how to handle it as best we can.

The first step is acknowledging these phenomena.

What’s fundamentally true underlying all of this besides the encroaching storms of control and anti-human programs afoot is the growing overall impunity we’re witnessing on the part of the would-be overlords. They seem to have pulled out the plugs and are more openly admitting their plans and intentions and boasting of their sense of control at an accelerating rate – a kind of metastasizing hubris.

  • These minions of darkness broadcast on a lower density vibration which apparently is now bringing a stronger lower level cosmic storm front. It will continue. The battle is ongoing and will only intensify. I often see these times with a sense of foreboding, as they often precede or accompany major shifts, events, and even disasters. This engineered disaster aspect is always there, but this wave we’re experiencing appears to be deeper and more subtle and widespread in nature.

    Is this bravado on the part of the psychopathic rulers a manifestation of the crescendo of spiritual smog we are sensing? It’s clear they’re stepping up their overall attack on humanity. And along with them we’re no doubt going to be experiencing some strange influences.

    The Need to Discern

    The physical world we experience is proportionately way less in “size” than the tip of an iceberg. This fundamental reality of the hidden realms is where many get stumped. Without grasping the significance of the spiritual influences, the play we’re witnessing will never make full sense and will remain to appear as only a two-dimensional chess game. That’s just how they want us to think. If we adopt their mindset we’re bound to play by their rules at their vibrational level where they excel.

    Clearly what we experience at various levels are a manifestation of ongoing spiritual realities, and struggles, in conjunction with earthly life experiences. The fact that humanity is under a full spectrum onslaught should be clear to anyone.

    How do we know what is what? The true universal reality that brings peace and understanding is our yardstick. When something only brings confusion, depression, disempowerment, and discouragement you know its source is not good. That might seem simplistic, but when you realize the trick is to make us look inward to ourselves as the problem, as if it’s our fault in some way such as the anthropogenic global warming scam, you’ve got the key to the door of perception. Sure, we all have problems, but that can be stepped aside from by simply operating from conscious awareness, knowing we’re reaching out in love for the overall good.

    Their signature is oppression. If you feel oppressed you can work backwards from there. Where it is coming from? What do you know about the source? Are you resisting first of all by rising above its vibrational influence by turning off their programming and replacing it by positive energy, action and even a deliberate counter-flow in response to their lies?

    We don’t have to just sit and take it. That’s what they want.

    The Radioactive Electromagnetic Barrage

    Concurrently humanity is being bombarded by increased radiation and intense electromagnetic influences, further amplified by a massive worldwide geo-engineering program, that is affecting our immune and nervous systems, which systems are also being continually altered by genetically altered and seriously tainted food, air and water. That our challenge continues to become greater is no surprise.

    Over 3000 recorded satellites circle our planet, not counting the plethora of unreported black ops weaponry and whatnot floating up there. Over 190,000 cell towers are said to exist in the U.S. alone as of last year, as opposed to 900 in 1985. These have been rolling out in vast quantities worldwide. All these devices continue to proliferate, including Wifi and Smart meters invading an increasing amount of homes, schools and offices, never mind the massive power grid that encases everything.

    This aspect of the battle is very real. In order to get a full picture we need to take everything into account.

    Other Influences

    We’re apparently in another Mercury retrograde, which always plays with the psyche, but with which we’re usually able to flow. This one however is apparently extra potent I found out after writing most of this article which may be amplifying various signals. In addition, solar activity has been erratic as the planetary magnetosphere continues to undergo changes. These are always influences to keep an eye on when assessing our status and outlook.

    I find keeping up with our planetary status always helpful when it comes to helping clarify my intuitive perceptions, however limited. If I can get a well informed picture of what is actually going on around me as much as possible it helps tremendously to make more accurate judgements and to make better sense of things.

    Although remembering everything is in constant flux is essential.

    The biggest pitfalls are not just plain ignorance or believing the party line of the mainstain corporate media. Another pitfall is something of a psychological trick: to reflexively make us look inward as if we individually and collectively are the culprit and the source of the problem. It can be very subtle, but what happens is we’ve been entrained to take the blame for wrong happenings, similar to the original sin lie, that somehow if things are wrong it’s our own fault in some way.

    What happens then? Denial, most of all. Then comes avoidance. “Don’t think about it and it will go away” seems to be the coping device of the day. Hence the popularity of major distractions such as sports and mindless “entertainment” which you might notice are on a major uprise in quantity and scope. You’ll notice the predominance of broadcast productions is a sinister mix of violence and the occult, from vampires and zombies and dark fallen heros to the new transhuman “supermen”. This is laced with hypersexed frothy musical and acting decadence, animated programming, and shallow contests and reality shows.

    It all works in concert. That’s why we need to walk away from it. Distance yourself and your loved ones. Lessen the influence in any way you can and fill up on healthy, empowering information. Don’t think you can “take this into your bosom and not be burned”.

    When Not to Go with the Flow – Respond, Don’t React

    This barrage of negativity, whether this type of current ramped-up intrusion however you perceive it, or the cumulative effect of the usual sewage, has to be dealt with. We can let it go, or let it toxify and entangle us. The stand-by solution of “letting it pass” is always a great default position, rather than reacting to it and making it a reality, which is their intention.

    We can also turn it on their heads. When the bad vibes get intense we can send out good ones and use the climate to spur us to action – even if it’s righteous anger. Sometimes it’s a simple change of scenery and getting into nature to get us centered for the fray. It can also be withdrawal to a peaceful meditative place where we can regather our energy. But we can’t just sit and take this swill like the robotoids they’re trying to make us into.

    It’s not so much a reaction, which can often come from the wrong impulse, but a response. Re-acting says exactly what it is -re-enacting what we’re being handed – extending the effect of the original negative, destructive impulse. Responding takes us to a place of empowerment, and peace and understanding of heart. Let’s be sure not to play along with their Anger Games.

    Ours is to remember what the purpose of all this is. To transcend into the levels of light and love and power that we were intended to be operating from, while handling this invasive barrage with wisdom and responsibility while we make manifest the world of conscious awareness and infinite love in all its forms.

    So it’s not so bad after all, eh?

    Let their machinations be a strength unto you. Transmute whatever is being intended for evil into something for good.

    That’ll teach them! Let their garbage blow on by, and when you respond in infinite consciousness, let it rip!

    Much love,


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