Stealth Oneness – The Rise of a New Spiritual Paradigm

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“You are divine… you’re love.” Naaa, I’m not… just trying to be nice and do the right thing. “Yes, you are divine, you’re love, we all are, and we are one.” Oh no, if we were, things would be different… we need to know the love of God. “You are the knower and the lover. You can’t know and love something greater than yourself.”

Huh? How could you even say that? What do you mean? I’m loving my own imagination of God’s love? Crap! I’m confused.

Evolution of consciousness is a slow process… made slow by a force that just plain doesn’t want an end to separation, restriction and slavery. It takes a while for the external male God in the sky to come home to internal male/female oneness – no separation within self; and to expand out from there to no separation from others and no separation from all that is.

Let’s sing a new song – one God, one love, one unrestricted, liberated divine energy and we are it – truth wins… war ends… nature lives… miracles begin… nothing hides… it’s all within…

Our old spiritual paradigm is external causation, and we’re at the end of it. In the western world we’re finishing up with the unknowable (but supposedly loving) God in the sky whose unfathomable will everyone must serve in order to avoid unending punishment. This end has been coming on for a while, and of course it’s right on time.

  • The system supported by the sky God does have some end-time options: 1) it can experience grace and come to love, asking forgiveness, making things right, turning toward home, stopping its cold-hearted, terrified, greedy, imprisoning deceit; or, 2) it can hang in there with the lies and dirty tricks and possibly win it all… the reward being complete control over a carcass; or, 3) it can just blow everything up and end itself too.

    Being no expert in this thing, but just an observer of timing, I’d say the celestial sun was beginning to rise around the same time that the ‘chosen people’ of the sky God said, “We want Palestine.” So as they made the final power grab, stealth oneness slipped into the picture unnoticed.

    What’s the enemy of the divine right of specialness? Oneness. ‘We are one’ can’t co-exist in the same world as chosen people, divine bloodlines, elite families, privileged races or even secrets, for that matter. Oneness rubs out separation. It’s the light of love and truth.

    Truth had to be really stealthy in the early days. Liberation information came in to black people via their teachers, and it came in to white people via ours. Slip in, drop a little knowledge of what God is and isn’t, and slip out again… like a thief in the night. If you want to teach openly, get ready for jail, deportation, mockery, disinformation – whatever.

    My friend Soren Dreier came up with the term ‘stealth oneness’ during a mind-blowing conversation I had with him. I liked it very much. Stealth oneness: love and truth progressing like a slow-moving sunrise.

    The truth got in back then, and the seeds were already planted in the minds of people as the great depression of the 1930s took place. I’ve often wondered about those droughts and dust storms and locusts. If internal causation is real, then what changes were going on in the human spirit to cause the incredible weather?

    Anyway, the rulers made a war and that took our minds off of it.

    But oneness continued its stealthy expansion into the 1950s. This is the time period when I remember first hearing the words ‘man is God’. By the 1960s the light was really starting to come on. We experienced it in this mass movement, and that mass movement, and we got it through the music almost as an intravenous drip. The music was real information, no stealth – full blast.

    Those were revolutionary times – people opening up to new ideas, self-empowerment, self-knowledge, love for self, love for each other, love for the earth, love for love itself, justice and fairness for all, consciousness expansion, break the old rules in a new age of non-judgmental possibilities… and especially peace… and liberation. We were growing fast.

    It really scared the folks in charge. Spies were spying everywhere, people were set-up, political prisoner became a common term, propaganda was ramped up, drugs were imported and pushed, and there were assassinations. Everybody knows what happened to the black liberation movement, as the heavy hand came down on that in front of all of us. And white youth got a smack-down too. A friend of mine says that Jim Morrison was killed because of what he was saying. And so were others. Have you heard Morrison sing “A Spy in the House of Love?”

    So, with folks listening and engaging in ‘counter-intelligence’, oneness had to turn again to stealth. And inside was the place to go. We had talked a good game but we still hadn’t made a lot of progress in that direction. The God in the sky still had everyone far away from home – maybe with a more eastern, mystical, meditative, male/female wisdom, but the power was still in the sky. Do you realize how hard it is to change the center of power?

    Our conditioning/programming is deep – it’s the glue of the system. Through it we give our power away, and we build up an ego structure rather than belief and faith in self. But the yearning for liberating knowledge is not to be destroyed.

    Beautiful teachers came through in the 1980s, and more and more we began to hear… look within… there is God. So now, rather than splitting God into 90% in the sky and 10% in us, we were being asked to see ourselves as not separate from the God force, not separate from each other, and not separate from the earth and nature. While we learned and grew, we still had a way to go.

    By the year 2000 we were beginning to learn much more about energy, as physicists continued to verify what our teachers had been saying – all is energy and we are one. Today the information still continues to verify that yes… individuals have to go all the way to the beginning. The home of God is the balanced oneness of your own self. It is from the wellspring of self-knowledge and self-acceptance that love can come forth, truth can be spoken and God can be known and realized in the earth.

    I’m sure the young people of today won’t have nearly such a journey home as I have had, as God is not out in the sky for them. But the separation programming is definitely intense… making its last push and the pressure is on. We will move through it, but it’s good to be prepared for pressure.

    Maybe this little glimpse of history will help, plus the understanding that pressure is fundamental to evolution. There has to be pressure. You either break under it, or you strengthen, beautify and manifest as you understand and overcome.

    We can ask some questions as we move through: what can I achieve through discipline, what can I change through self-awareness, what can I clean up through practicing virtue, what can I create through intention, what can I manifest through the techniques of imagination, what can I become aware of through perception, what more can I know of God within meditation?

    Truth wins… war ends… nature lives… miracles begin… nothing hides… it’s all within…

    Listen with stealth attention…

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