Spiritual Transformation

Konstantin Eriksen, Guest Writer
Waking Times

You are asleep and you don’t even know it. You need a spiritual transformation. Deep down, you know it. Something doesn’t feel right. It’s like you’ve been living the same day, over and over again. Life doesn’t seem to have any meaning.

Like in the movie The Matrix, we live in a simulated reality – a false “reality” that is separate from nature. What is this “reality?” It is the sum-total of our beliefs, opinions and cause & effect connections in our minds. Some come from external sources and some come from within ourselves. Religions, nationalist ideals, political theories, interpretations of history, etc… All of these are examples of externally created ideas that we adopted. The beliefs we created ourselves are much more difficult to spot.

The “I” – How much of your self concept (ego) came from your reactions to other people? Did you enter into the habit of having a victim mentality because of specific events or people? Was the person that you became the real you? Could things have been different if you hadn’t allowed things to get you? Are you who you imagined you wanted to be?

As things happen in our lives, and as we respond to them, we end up creating a “self” that often has nothing to do with who we really are.

If you have a few bad relationships in a row, you may think that men/women are useless, or that you are useless and that, in any case, there is no point in seeking out a meaningful relationship. If you’ve been victimized several times, after awhile you may begin to think that the whole world is against you or that you have bad luck. This becomes your self-concept, your ego.

  • Bad relationships with our parents, friendships gone bad, lousy jobs, bad habits, etc… In response to all these things we create a myth. That myth colors our perceptions and interpretations of life. We create a myth based on the past which now determines our future. Can you see why I say most people are asleep and they don’t even know it? That most people are in need of a spiritual transformation?

    The solution is to awaken, which means to notice this fact. To notice that we are asleep, to notice that we need a spiritual awakening, to notice that there is something wrong in our lives and that we can actually do something about it. Only when you realize this can you begin to grow and transform yourself.

    This is how real success in life comes. Without incongruencies. Success in relationships, career success and any other type of success. To me, a successful career is one that makes me feel fulfilled. The rest is ego-bullshit and not the real me.

    How to achieve these things?

    The root of real personal change is to face that which makes you feel uncomfortable directly. Your ego might be false, you might see yourself as a victim, you may have a social mask everywhere you go, you might rely on religious unprovable faith, you might be over-eating or drinking alcohol as an escape, you may be aggressive to hide your inner weakness – whatever it may be.

    Take an objective look at yourself and notice what you think and what you do in your life. Write things down. Understand that there is no quick fix for waking up in life and achieving spiritual transformation. It is a process. Make small improvements that pile up over time.

    You know what? Even if you understand all this stuff, you can still destroy yourself through complacency. If you catch yourself thinking “This isn’t so bad,” stop yourself immediately! If you get complacent, you stagnate and you never get what your soul truly longs for. What a waste!

    Ask yourself this – Are you living or are you being lived by other people and by your own stupid habits? Are you thinking or are you being thought? Pick out the areas of your life where you are being lived and start to DO something about them.

    Otherwise, you’re wasting your life away…

    About the Author

    Konstantin Eriksen is a philosopher and a 32-year-old former stock-trader, long-time natural health researcher, neigong enthusiast and fledgling internet entrepreneur. In my spare time, he enjoy hiking, music, mountaineering, meeting interesting women, studying whatever interests him and Piazzolla. Please visit his excellent blog, Life-Sucks.

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