Spiritual Retreats – How To Feel Renewed and Energized with Nature

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Most of us live hectic lives that make it challenging for us to make time for ourselves.  Our thoughts race non-stop, day in and day out. We are constantly thinking about our schedules, dinner plans, money worries, grocery lists, concerns about tomorrow, regrets about yesterday and the list goes on!  Does that sound familiar?

Non-stop mental chatter leaves no space for inner silence.

Retreats, especially those in nature, are a powerful way to make time for yourself and to quiet your mind. They offer an opportunity to get away from the routines of daily life and to nourish your mind, body and heart. Retreats can in fact help us transform our lives at the core, at a spiritual level.

Enlightened teachers, such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed, all spent time alone in the wilderness. It is well known that Jesus retreated to the desert for 40 days to pray and fast; this type of spiritual retreat offers the deepest level of personal transformation. However, spending even a few hours alone in the tranquility of nature also provides tremendous benefits.

How Can You Benefit from Spiritual Retreats in Nature?

Spiritual retreats help us to re-energize our bodies, refocus our minds, balance our emotions, clarify our purpose, and lift our spirits. A retreat is a time to let go of our concerns for a short while and reconnect with our inner self. Retreats in nature are especially powerful because the natural elements help us slow down within and heal us energetically.

  • As you immerse yourself in the sounds, colors and smells of nature, your brain waves slow down and you become in sync with the slower frequencies of nature. The natural frequency of earth is about 7.8 Hertz, which corresponds to the deeper meditative state of alpha. Scientists have shown that during deep meditative states, such as alpha and theta, feelings of “oneness” and deep inner peace increase.

    One reason for these types of spiritual experiences is that in profound states of relaxation, we can more easily release negative emotions, such as anxiety and worry, and have emotional breakthroughs. When we let go of emotions that weigh us down, we naturally feel more peaceful and happier.

    Although a retreat will help you re-energize your body, rejuvenate your mind and heal your heart, the biggest benefit is how it can renew your spirit. The most important inner work we can do is to dedicate time to nourish our spirit. By retreating from our daily routines, we can have a stronger connection with that inner voice that serves to inspire us and help us achieve our deepest goals.

    A Retreat Can Be Whatever You Need It To Be

    Anyone can benefit from retreats–from stressed-out teenagers to senior citizens undergoing major life changes. Retreats are for anyone who feels over-burdened by obligations, stressed by the pace of life and uncertain of their life’s direction.

    Do you think that you are too busy to take time out just for yourself? Do you feel like your obligations make it impossible to get away from the daily routines of life and go on a retreat? Consider this: a retreat can be whatever you need it to be. A retreat can be as short as a few hours or as long as a week or more. It can be taken in an exotic location or at a nature setting near your home. If you can not get away for a few days, at least spend a few hours in solitude at a local beach, forest or desert.

    How you spend your time while on retreat will determine your experience.

    Retreats are a wonderful time to indulge in leisurely things such as contemplation, journaling, walking in solitude and introspective practices. It is important to nourish the body as well with clean water and wholesome foods that increase your energy. Reduce or eliminate refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and other substances that stress the body. Above all, pay attention to that inner voice that will guide you during your retreat.

    How To Hold On To Your Peaceful Feelings?

    By the end of your retreat, you should feel refreshed in body, mind, and spirit. But how do you hold onto those peaceful feelings when you return home?

    The best way to hold onto those wonderful feelings is to continue to honor your body, mind, and spirit in your everyday life. Take a few hours every week to retreat from your regular schedule and spend time alone contemplating the sacredness of life. One practice that will help you to continue to gain insights and have balance in life is to write in a journal and express your feelings on a piece of paper. Journaling is a form of inner work that helps you to release emotional stress and to gain insights about your life.

    By continually taking time out to honor yourself, you will build balance and inner peace in your daily life.

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