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The ancient Sanskrit text, The Rig Veda, describes our ancient progenitors as weaving the universe with their cosmic sacrifice, YAJÑA. The universe is interwoven in the vaults of heaven on shuttle-wheels [cakrus-tasarâny-otave], backwards and forwards. By rays of the gods, by the threads extended, drawn out, spreading on every side, the acts of a hundred ‘gods’ — the world is woven.

Although the Sanskrit term YAJÑA is usually taken to mean sacrifice, modern scholars have said that it is unfortunate that this word has been translated as ‘sacrifice’, because the real meaning is the transformation of one form of energy into another. The subtle realms once invisible to the human eye, solidify becoming material, and over time dissolve back into their source the unseen. The world we exist in is said to be the YAJÑA of the ubiquitous One, a portion of God turned inside out. Thus it is the sacrifice of Its Oneness that allows for the appearance of multiplicity we play in and enjoy.

The Meters in the Rig Veda

Sound must be considered when contemplating the manner in which subtle energies are transformed into matter that is differentiated and perceivable to the five senses. The verses in the Rig Veda are written in specific meters. The major meters in the Rig Veda are Gayatri, Ushnik, Anushtup, Brihati, Pañgkti, Trishtup, and Jagati [R.L. Kashyap]. The priests are rigorously trained in the perfection of their intonation of these various meters. The precise numerical harmonic relationships that connect the sounds, weaving them into patterns are of the greatest import and the key to success.

  • Why after thousands of years are the mantras in the Rig Veda still considered to have great power? In ‘Sonic Theology‘, Guy L. Beck says: “The Rig Veda is believed to be impregnated with sacred speech, Vâk [word]…The Rishis (sages) are said to have visualized the mystic form of Vâk which is subtle, eternal or imperishable and incomprehensible by ordinary sense organs. …Vâk is said to reside in the ‘upper-half of heaven,’ with only a portion of herself known to mortals. Rig Veda verse I.164.45: Vâk was divided in four parts [catvâri vâk]. These the Brahmins with insight know. Three parts, which are hidden, mortals do not activate; the fourth part they speak.”

    Any musician knows how powerfully sound can alter the emotional state of the listener. Audiences can be manipulated by sound. Sounds can sooth, heal and elevate, or drive us mad. Some are beyond the human ear to hear and thus are silent sounds, which nevertheless affect us. We know that incantations are considered an intrinsic mechanism in magic. The rhythms of various sounds and their repetition are known to create certain forms — whether they are in the mental, astral or material realms.

    Sound/Shabda & Light/Prakasha

    Sound travels through all material substances. Sound is composed of longitudinal waves (alternate compressions and expansions of matter) and light is composed of transverse waves in an electromagnetic field. Sound waves require a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium; light waves travel through empty space. Light can travel in a vacuum, but sound cannot exist in a vacuum because there is nothing to oscillate. Sound waves travel a million times slower than light waves.

    Sound is vibration and vibration can be quantified. I am suggesting that the meters in the ancient Rig Veda verses are the remnants of quantified vibrational frequencies, formulas in sound used by the beings who colonized our planet Earth with their advanced technology, and made Earth habitable for the various races they cultivated here. The most well known meter is the Gayatri, because the famous Gayatri Mantra in the Rig Veda III.62.10 composed by the Rishi Vishvamitra is said every day by millions around the planet, including me. Each of the meters correlates to numerical quantifications.

    What I am feeling is that the Rishis were themselves participants in the creation of Life on planet Earth, either they were actually members of the ancient colonizing beings, as I believe the Angirases were — or they elevated themselves to positions that made them somewhat ‘equal’ to their progenitors. This earned equality gave them the right to be taught the subtle mechanics of using sound to generate form. This is inferred in the Rig Veda itself where it appears that a few chosen special humans were elevated and ‘became’ gods.

    The verses themselves and their meters are actually formulas that create, bringing the subtle realms of energy into form. The meters correlate with cosmic and metaphysical principles.

    Common sense tells us earthlings that the unidentified ships that fly in our skies do not use any form of propulsion that we know about. Many have surmised that technologies exist that can manipulate both Space & Time — and thus allow the vast distances in space to be traversed.

    Bruce Cathie in his 1998 book, ‘The Harmonic Conquest of Space’ says: “The universe does not rely on chance to manifest within itself the physical substances which we perceive and call reality. A very strict, ordered system of mathematical progressions is necessary to create the smallest speck of matter from the primeval matrix of space.”

    Mathematical Progressions Encoded in Sacred Verses

    I am proposing that the ancient meters in the Rig Veda are the remnants of this very strict, ordered system of mathematical progressions that the Rishis knew to be of such great importance that they encoded them into their sacred verses. The efficacy of using these rhythms would have diminished down through the Cycles of Time into our current Kali Yuga. The quality of results would also depend on and be relative to the consciousness of the one voicing them.

    Back to Bruce Cathie: “During my years of research into the complexities of the Earth grid system, I have gradually built up a picture in my mind of the possible geometric combinations necessary to form matter from resonating, interlocking wave-forms.” What could be more descriptive of the metaphysical idea of the ‘Woven Universe’ than Cathie’s idea of forming matter from resonating, interlocking waveforms!

    Vibratory Waves & Magnetic Forces Give Birth to the Elements 

    Cathie: “The period or frequency rate between each pulse of physical matter creates the measurement that we call time…”

    In ‘While the Gods Play‘, Alain Danielou explains the ancient theory of Samkhya thus:

    “Space represents pre-matter, the substratum in which energy can be manifested in the form of vibratory waves and magnetic forces which give birth to the elements, to the appearance of matter. In the conception of Samkhya…the subtle precedes the concrete…objects are simply made up of galaxies of atoms, centers of energy…[whose] appearance is illusory. Time and everything that will be established in the universe are forms of energy. The various forms of time are simply the relative measurement of dynamic tendencies (vritti), the vibratory or gravitational movements that constitute matter, the perceptible substance of the universe.”

    A Complex Pattern of Interlocking Waveforms

    Bruce Cathie formulated “harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking waveforms.” His research attracted the attention of intelligence agents, government personnel and scientists, some of whom offered him employment in exchange for his silence and secrecy. Cathie refused. He continued to share his findings freely. It was obvious to Cathie that he was on to something very big, and he realized that this “energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists.” Cathie also realized how such knowledge could be used to literally take over and control the whole world.

    Cathie: “I know now that what I had hold of was an equation related to the magnetic field of the Earth. The Earth is simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as its coils…there is an enormous magnetic field around the Sun…magnetic lines of force from the Sun envelope the Earth and extend to the Moon…everything, no matter what its form on this planet, exists by reason of magnetic lines of force.” Clearly we see that everything is interconnected and indeed we live in a Woven Universe.

    Cathie also speaks of magnetic monopoles, which he believed do exist and “that the creation of matter is dependent on the coupling of poles into individual units.” Here we leap into plasma physics and the idea that the manipulation of plasma, which behaves like electricity, is the ultimate technology — the technology that the colonizing beings, our progenitors brought to this planet to make Earth inhabitable as they do all planets that are colonized. The Rishis themselves were taught this technology as a privileged elite — or perhaps as enlightened beings they ‘saw’ it in the eye of their mind [pashyan manasâ chakshasâ], which is the literal translation of the Rig Veda verse X.130.6.

    Vibrating Effulgence is Word at its Ultimate Stage

    The Manifestation of Sound:

    “The activity of divine consciousness which brings the universe into existence, and which at the highest level…is pure light, Prakâsha, is often described as a flashing forth, a radiance, a luminous vibration… This vibrating effulgence, as much as that of consciousness, is that of Word at its ultimate stage… Manifestation, as it is born out of the Word [VÂC] and along with it, may thus be understood as a flashing forth which gradually becomes obfuscated.

    “This occurs through a series of transformations and condensations of sound or phonic primal energy, which gradually brings forth (but in a never-ending process, for it takes place beyond time) the manifested universe, a process that takes place analogously in human beings, within whom the sound (and then speech) will develop following a process corresponding to that of the cosmogony, and where the phonetic symbols appear as closely related to visual metaphors referring to the Word’s aspect of light.” [VÂC, The Concept of the Word In Selected Hindu Tantras, by André Padoux]

    What follows is my translation of Rig Veda X.130 with hopefully useful notes and comments. I could not even begin my interpretations without the translations of India’s real scholars, who I have noted below. I openly state that I am not a Sanskrit scholar. I am an old mystic, seeker of truth, and a painter. I hold the Rig Veda in the highest esteem. I make no pretense to authority. My off-planet interpretations of the Rig Veda are purely intuitive and visionary — meaning what comes to me, what I see in the ‘eye of my mind’ as I transcribe the verses in Sanskrit and read the various conflicting translations.

    Rig Veda X.130 – Rishi Yajñah Prâjâpatyah

    1. The ancient fathers, our progenitors, they weave transforming the threads [from waveform frequencies into the appearance of solidity and back again], weaving forwards and backwards, which is drawn out, on every side extended, by the acts of a hundred ‘gods’ [metaphysical powers] as worship when the vast world is woven.
    2. Man [PUMÂN] accomplished in meter [specific frequency waveforms], like a painter spreads out the web, the prayers of the interwoven Sâman mantras serve as the wheels of a weaving shuttle, above over the sky, the firmament, in the vault of heaven, causing the rays of the ‘gods’ [metaphysical powers] to abide, remain, settle.

    [The translators take the word PUMÂN to mean either ‘the First Man’ (our Lord) – and Kashyap gives the word Prajâpati (lord of the creatures, creator, from praja = creation & pati = lord) as the meaning. However the meaning of PUMÂN in the Sanskrit Dictionary is simply ‘man’ – thus I have to assume that this is one of those wherein the scholars “have always known” and yet as always I wonder.]


    The Gâyatri meter is associated with Agni [Divine Cosmic Fire].

    The Ushnik meter united with Savita [a stimulator, rouser, vivifier; identified with the Sun (Surya), but not the sun itself, which is Surya. Savita is rather the vivifying power and divine influence of the Sun].

    Anushtubh made Soma radiant. [I believe Soma is plasma.]

    Brihati increased the power of the words of Brihaspati [son of Angiras].

    The meter Virât was the glory of Mitra [also associated with the Sun, but the light that spreads before the rise of the Sun; Rishi Vasishtha calls Surya the eye of Mitra in VII.63.1; sustains earth and sky] and Varuna [guardian of waters, who fashions and upholds heaven. Varuna and Mitra are both born in the celestial world or solar world V.69.4 — the sons of Aditi the celestial Light giver].

    Trishtubh meter was given to Indra in the morning offering.

    Jagati meter entered into (voiced by) Vishvedevâh.

    Rishis [Seers] and men were created by this Cosmic worship – Yajña.

    [The Rishi Yajña Prâjâpatyah says that he is beholding, seeing in the ‘eye of the mind’ — pashyan manasâ cakshasâ — our ancient progenitors (pitaro) perform this ancient transformation, sacrifice Yajña, which created the Rishis and human beings.]

    [The Rishi Yajña Prâjâpatyah says that he is beholding, seeing in the ‘eye of the mind’ — pashyan manasâ cakshasâ — our ancient progenitors (pitaro) perform this ancient transformation, sacrifice Yajña, which created the Rishis and human beings.]

    The seven divine Rishis are turned [inclined and prepared through their intensely focused discipline and TAPAS heat] towards knowledge with the authority (pramâ) in the stoma (praise hymns) chants [meters & their meaning], intelligently skillful and wise, [they] keep in mind their ancient predecessors and move along the path (panthâm) like charioteers who took up the reins (rashmin).

    About the Author

    V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.


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