Soulmate vs. Twin Flame – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever felt that “love at first sight” feeling? You probably believed you met your soulmate, right? And you might have! However, there’s another term that people aren’t as familiar with: twin flame. It’s another type of relationship that’s related to the soul. While soulmates and twin flames sound similar, they are actually quite different. 

Here is the difference between a soulmate vs twin flame, as explained by a relationship expert: 

What’s the Definition of a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone that you form a deep emotional connection with almost instantly. They can come in the form of both friendships and romantic partners, and you deeply understand each other. When you meet your soulmate, it feels like you may have known each other in a past life. 

What’s the Definition of a Twin Flame?

A twin flame, also known as a mirror soul, is a person that you are deeply emotionally connected to. Essentially, these are two souls that are two halves of one being. They feel very connected upon meeting, but the relationship usually ends up unhealthy because the twin souls mirror each other’s insecurities and weaknesses instead of balancing them out.

How Are They Similar?

Soulmates and twin flame relationships are both related to the idea of souls and the possibility of destiny. The initial interactions are very similar, so it can be hard to tell which one it is. Later stages of the relationship will help you determine which connection you’ve found, but that initial meeting with either one will feel intoxicating and special. 

What Makes Them Different?

Though soulmates and twin souls are both related to deep, soul connections between two people, the relationships themselves are actually fairly different. The connection between soulmates is powerful and often comes easily. They deeply understand each other and balance each other out. 

On the other hand, twin flame relationships are more of a learning experience that helps you grow. Many misinterpret the meaning of twin flames, often believing that the two people are only whole when they’re together. In reality, the mirroring effect of twin flame relationships inspires emotional growth that helps you grow into your full potential. 

What Are Some Signs You Found Your Soulmate, Twin Flame?

If you feel an automatic and deep connection with another person upon meeting them, then it’s likely you’ve met your soulmate or your twin flame. But here’s how to differentiate between the two: If they are your soulmate, you will get along well and find that you’re extremely compatible and in-tune with one another. Alternatively, twin flame connections, although also intense are not as compatible since they are too much alike. Twin flame relationships are often tumultuous because your insecurities are amplified by the other person.

Can Soulmates Be Twin Flames?

Though there are some shared characteristics between these relationships, soulmates cannot be twin flames. Soulmates are two souls that are destined to be together, while twin flames are thought to be the same soul cut in two. Soulmates are naturally compatible, while twin flames have a strong attraction but are mostly incompatible. Soulmates are usually meant to be, but twin flames are only meant to encourage growth and awareness in each other. That said, it is possible for twin flames to end up together if they are able to overcome their insecurities and triggers.

What Are Twin Flame Stages?

There different stages in every twin flame relationship, but depending on the two people involved, all of the stages might not be accomplished. They include: 

  • The premonition phase, where you feel as if you are about to meet someone very important in your life
  • When you actually meet this person and have an instant connection
  • When the conflict arises when you start to mirror and amplify each other’s insecurities
  • More conflict that serves as a catalyst for the relationship, either deepening your connection or driving you and your partner apart
  • The chase, in which one partner pursues the other 
  • Ending up together or ending the relationship 

If you are not able to work through your problems as an individual and as a couple, you’re likely flames. 

Which One Is Better?

Neither relationship is considered better than the other because they serve two very different purposes. At the end of the day, they both have their benefits: You’ll likely end up with your soulmate because of the deep connection and compatibility, and a twin flame relationship will teach you more about yourself and facilitate personal growth. That said, twin flame relationships can become toxic if issues are not addressed, which hinders the opportunity for growth. 

While the general concept of soulmates and twin flames may sound similar, the relationships could not be more different from one another. However, both have their positives, and whichever one you are in, you’ll come out of it stronger and with a greater sense of self. 

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