Solving The Mystery of Cancer

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It was the 17th century that the first official reports of cancer started to be documented in scientific literature. Today, scientists predict that cancer will be the leading cause of death in the US, and we’re almost there. A study by scientists at the University of Manchester is showing strong indications that cancer is a man made disease influenced strongly by environmental pollution and diet.

With the astronomical rise in obesity in the United States and the high carbohydrate and sugary food diets of large segments of the population, scientists and medical professions say we are headed to a health crisis of mammoth proportions with cancer way up there above heart disease.

Factors that cause cancer appear to exist in countries that have modernized and industrialized where cheap, carbohydrate rich foods are widely available. Indigenous people have seen an alarming drop in longevity and a rise in diseases and cancers when they were offered a typical western diet. When nutrient rich whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wild meats were substituted with breads, sugars and packaged foods, changes in overall health and vitality became the norm.

  • It was advertised and perceived in the 1950s and 60s that canned and packaged foods were a sign of affluence and people flocked to them like ants to honey. Nobody would dare tell you that eating canned food produces deadly methane gas in your body that gets trapped in and around your cells, creating a toxic soup that constantly bathes your cells in toxins. Nor would they tell you that the chemicals in the packaged foods that make them taste good can alter your gene expressions, your DNA, and can cause cancer over time.

    These days, no one will tell you that you can cure your cancer with food. There are common foods that have anti-cancer properties but in the US there is around 5 percent of the population that eat salad with a meal at least once a week. Twenty-five per cent of the population eat no fruits or vegetables at all, other than french fries. Because of poverty and the high price of certain foods, carbohydrates are cheap, so when you can’t afford to buy nutritious food, you buy what you can afford, which will ultimately ruin your health. The US population on average is so unhealthy they could not defend their country if they were invaded.

    Certain foods can detox environmental pollutants from your tissues releasing them harmlessly into your urine and feces. So, cancer really is no mystery. By eating whole fresh foods and cutting the sugars and carbs you are not only reducing your risk of cancer you are protecting your brain from damage. Most people will only eat what they like the taste of, not what is necessarily good for them. I wonder what would happen if the decision to eat lots of leafy greens was very important to survival? Would they still opt out?

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    Jean Perrins is a published health and inspirational writer living on the West Coast of Canada. She is an expert writer for and has been the ghost writer for health and energy blogs on the web. She is an expert intuitive healer. She has also had an awakening radio show, done speaking internationally, and enjoys dabbling in the arts. Through her research and personal practice she knows how to cram every ounce of health into the body.

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