Smart Meters and Domestic Surveillance

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Talk about copycats! Whoa! Someone did a rather convincing job of that, I’d say. It’s the Internet site “Domestic Surveillance Directorate. Defending Our Nation. Securing The Citizen,” which identifies itself as a “parody” on the NSA (National Security Agency). The parody site does an excellent job, so I encourage readers to study it thoroughly, as it contains too much information to talk about here.

However, what I do want to point out is something that may not be apparent to readers and technology consumers, and that is the overpowering aspect of total surveillance those “smart” tech gadgets and appliances provide for serious controllers like governments, but also for mischievous snoops like hackers—either domestic or foreign.

Having said that, I’d like to point out something that ‘jumped’ out at me while considering the graphic below, and that is, the role of radiofrequency non-ionizing radiation (RFs) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in surveillance—something I hope no one doubts is not going on at every level.

  • Spying ToolboxSource: The ANT Catalog

    One “extraordinary and special surveillance device” is not pictured and should be: It is the AMI Smart Meter (SM), the analog replacement meter for utilities—electric, gas and water. However, there’s circumstantial evidence that SMs should be portrayed in this chart, which is the fact that cell phone networks and mobile phones are listed as surveillance [spying] devices. Both those technologies use RFs and EMFs to relay information. So do AMI Smart Meters collect and relay information from within homes/buildings, plus SMs can transmit instructions from “headquarters” to “smart appliances” inside homes, i.e., to any ‘smart’ appliance homeowners own that have built-in ‘smart’ tracking technology.

    SMs do their work by using cell phone RF and EMF technology, similar towers and, perhaps, “special catch-all” towers called “stingrays,” towers that are much more than you think they are when you drive past them. I’d suggest readers check out the threads on the ACLU’s website about stingrays. You may not be aware of what’s going on!

    Now, here’s something that utilities deny will happen to the information collected from within homes and buildings: It’s the resale of personal information collected from within residences to and for specific interests. That should be outlawed by every state legislative body that enacts SM installation law(s), as there are several legal problems involved, which no one wants to recognize and admit.

    The primary issue is the blatant disregard and dismantling of both the U.S. Constitution and every state’s Constitution for the rights U.S. citizens have regarding search and seizure, but are being disregarded in deference to establishing a surveillance state and New World Order. Smart Meters are part of the UN’s Agenda 21, and are being installed around the world.

    The second most important issue, besides the health problems RFs and EMFs create for just about everyone, as reported by reputable science and not the decades-old radar studies everyone promoting RF-EMF technologies trot out as safe, is that SMs promote and enable identify theft, which federal and state governments should be concerned about.

    Utilities really should have their legal britches twisted because they could – and should – be held liable for enabling such personal, in-home security breaches. Any hacker can tell what’s going on inside a residence; if anyone is home and using appliances; and possibly—just possibly—visually see what’s going on too!

    There should be no doubt that SM information will be relayed to the NSA. That ought to be a frightening foregone conclusion. However, that aspect needs to be addressed legally, and soon, by the U.S. Congress and the courts. Needless to say, I think I can predict what the U.S. Supreme Court will hand up. I can see the news headlines: SCOTUS Rules Surveillance Constitutional. I certainly hope that I’m wrong.

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