Can Magic Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients?

Waking Times

Beyond the stigma of being a mind-altering drug, psilocybin active mushrooms have many profoundly beneficial effects on the human psyche.

Patients with terminal cancer often die emotionally well before their bodies are overtaken.  In this video from CNN news, Norma Lauring, an aging artist with stage 4 terminal cancer shares how medically supervised trips with psilocybin have helped her to grasp and accept her impending death.  She reports a deep feeling of connectedness and oneness with the creative forces in the universe and lasting sense of peace which has dramatically helped her to deal with the anxiety and depression involved with her terminal illness.

Magic mushrooms, which grow abundantly in nature, are presently a schedule 1 controlled substance by US law, ranking in the same category as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.  Is it really just to compare one of nature’s most interesting and mind-opening fruits with some of the most devastating manmade drugs available?

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