Seven Qualities of the Divine Revolutionary

Artwork by Frank Cieciorka

Sera Beak, Reality Sandwich
Waking Times

1. Know Thy Self

I take the time and make the effort to Know my self: my mind, body, psyche, energy, feelings, sexuality, beliefs, shadow, my masculine and feminine, my conscious and unconscious, my spirit and my soul, my humanity and my divinity. I recognize that everything that happens in my life — from the glorious to the shitty — reflects aspects of my self, and therefore has the potential to help me grow.

Although all ways of knowing are important, gnosis is my most natural Way:

“As a path of inner awakening, as a path of deep self-knowledge (that is to say, gnosis), it invites and supports the inner struggle to attend, to ‘hear and obey’ one’s own Self, God in oneself…This is an unknown teaching — not in the philosophical or theological sense, nor in the sense that it has never been said before, but in the sense that our ordinary thoughts and feelings can never really penetrate it. We are speaking of an unknown part of ourselves, which is at the same time the essential part of ourselves: the Teacher within, our genuine identity.”
 —Jacob Needleman, in the Foreword of Jean Yves LeLoup’s translation of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

In other words, the best way for me to Know the divine feminine intimately, is to know my self intimately.


2. Know Thy World

I’m not only willing to wake up to my own personal reality, but also to the impersonal reality of this planet.

  • I’m willing to take “the red pill” (or, in Eve’s case, the red apple) and see through “the  matrix” — illusions within politics, society, the economy, religions, the mainstream (and new age) spirituality arenas, the media and my personal life.

    I educate and inform myself so that I make clearer more conscious decisions that support healthy life for this entire planet. I take full responsibility for my actions, thoughts, energy and life.

    Just to be clear: There’s not a “right” or “wrong” Redvolutionary decision or choice, but I aim to be aware of the underlying reasons why I’m making particular choices and I aim to be aware of the effects of my choices on others and this planet.

    Let’s take this further.

    Not only am I willing to know this world, but I’m also willing to know other worlds, aka: the cosmic arena and multidimensions — if it’s in my soul’s best interest to do so.

    Despite and because of my multidimensional awareness, my spirituality is not separate from my everyday. It is Life And Life is It. (and, It’s even After Life).

    Ultimately, knowing this world means, “Knowing it,” in the Biblical sense — meaning, I open my metaphorical thighs to all of Life.

    3. Embrace Thy Self

    What I come to know about my self, I intend to accept and eventually love – my light and my dark, my seemingly “good” and “bad,” my “saint” and “sinner,” every freakin’ part of me gets hugged by the Holy. Not one part of me gets left out of my own embrace. This Embrace encourages integration and embodiment, naturally.

    Despite the title of “spiritual superheroine” — being a Redvolutionary isn’t about being invincible or perfect or “spiritual” or “enlightened” — it’s about being my messy, funky, shy, goofy, erotic, imperfect divine human self. A woman willing to be transparent and vulnerable and reveal her unique self in this world is revolutionary, and one of the Divine Feminine’s most important Teachings.

    Through this Embrace — eventually and quite naturally, a Redvolutionary falls truly, madly, deeply in love with her self and this planet and her Lady. She becomes a Lover with a capital “L,” a “making of love,” a never-ending ever-expanding conduit of eros.

    4. Embrace Thy World

    As I practice accepting, embracing, and eventually loving myself, it’s only natural that I practice accepting, embracing, and loving others with all their faults and gifts, and this world’s pain, injustice and ugliness as well as its joy, peace and beauty.

    Through this intimate embrace, I begin to experience, on a cellular level, that every thing is created from the same divine stardust. Hurting another hurts my self. Loving another loves my self. I embrace this world as a living, breathing, growing, natural element and extension of my self and of Her.

    Important reminder: Red Hot and Holy Love is not airy-fairy “love and light”… nor conditional. It transforms via soft rose petals and sharp swords, tender touches and bitch slaps, unending patience and sticks of dynamite, and most of all fire.

    “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

    5. Unleash Thy Self

    I intend to unleash myself from everything (conscious and unconscious) that keeps me contained, repressed, unhealthy, or that makes me feel small, ashamed, sinful, separate, and forgetful of my true divine feminine nature.

    I live my life based on guidance from my soul, my Lady, the feminine divine spark blazing inside my heart — I do not live my life based on the opinions, ideas, beliefs, rules, trends given to me by external authorities such as the media, politicians, fashion magazines, publishers, doctors, spiritual gurus, priests. I stop seeking approval, validation, or acceptance from external sources and practice winning my soul’s approval, validation, and acceptance.

    I do not unleash myself in order to be provocative or rebellious. My Redvolution is not done out of unconscious reaction, but out of a fully conscious response to my inner truth.

    In other words, I live from the inside out.

    I am empowered from the inside out.

    This does not mean I exclude external authorities or information. I respect them, enjoy them, learn from them, and seek them out when it’s appropriate, but my ultimate authority is my Lady, Who speaks as my whole body, but broadcasts particularly loudly from the Heart of my heart, which radiates from the center of my chest.

    “To know oneself as an embodiment of the divine is to gain access to the ultimate source of spiritual authority within. The man or woman who knows God within is no longer dependent on outer intermediaries. Women must discover the divine female essence within themselves. This should inspire self respect, confidence, and the “divine pride” that is necessary to traverse the Tantric path. Divine pride, or remembering one’s ultimate identity as a deity, is qualitatively different from arrogance, for it is not motivated by a sense of deficiency or compensatory self-aggrandisement. This pride is an antidote to self-doubt and discouragement and an expression of the pure Tantric view. When a woman reclaims her divine identity, she does not seek outer sources of approval, for a firm, unshakable basis for self-esteem emanates from the depths of her own being.”
 –Miranda Shaw, Passionate Enlightenment

    Bottom Line: There can’t be a Redvolution if my Lady isn’t leading the way.

    6. Unleash Thy World

    “A Revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!” —V is for Vendetta

    I unleash myself in order to help unleash others. Although there is a spiritual superheroine archetype to a Redvolutionary, she does not believe anyone or anything needs saving. In other words — a Redvolutionary is not here to save the world, she’s here to serve the world.

    Or… a Redvolutionary helps save the world by saving her self. Meaning any focus and work on (and play with) myself is done so I can be that much better at serving others, this planet and Her.

    This means I stop doing service with a lower case “s” — meaning acts of service I think I should do or have been taught to do, and start doing Service with a capital “S” –  meaning Service I was specifically created to do, Service no one else can do except me.

”The gift you carry for others is not an attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it. It’s not possible to save the world by trying to save it. You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place. Discovering the unique gift to bring to your community is your greatest opportunity and challenge. The offering of that gift — your true self — is the most you can do to love and serve the world…and it is all the world needs.” — Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft

    While there are as many different ways to be of authentic service on this planet as humans and all of them matter greatly, a Redvolutionary excels in and champions ecstatic activism — the dirty hilarious rebel sister of “spiritual activism.”

    Ecstatic activism challenges us to hold both the suffering in the world and the joy/ecstasy together, and to ride that delicious tension with discernment, dedication, and heart.

    This means I look directly at the suffering, poverty, social injustice, economic crisis, environmental devastation, war, disease and abuse — and do what ever it is I am called to do to help alleviate these very real issues — but at the same time, I consciously choose to celebrate life (flash mobs, pillow fights, orgasms, silly movies, dance parties and laughing my ass off) even in the most trying of times…because this is also my sacred duty.

    “In the new world we’re gestating, we need to be suffused with lusty compassion and ecstatic duty, ingenious love and insurrectionary beauty. We’ve got to be teeming with radical curiosity and reverent pranks, voracious listening and ferocious thanks. We will ignore the cult of gloom and doom and embrace the cause of zoom and boom. We will laugh at the stupidity of evil and hate, and summon the brilliance to praise and create. No matter how upside-down it all may temporarily appear, we will have no fear, because we know this secret: Life is crazily in love with us — wildly and innocently in love with us.” –Rob Breszny, Pronoia

    By practicing ecstatic activism, I’m more effective with my acts of Service and don’t burn out so easily. I’m not relying on my personal power alone, but also the power of the Universal She-Force Herself. I become a spiritual energizer bunny on 34 cups of cosmic caffeine. A saucy secret agent of Radical Red change. A never ending prayer for passionate peace.

    “Go for it, baby; set the world on fire if you can, kick ass for the Beloved!”
     –Daniel Ladinski, Love Poems From God

    I do not use my/Her “feminine power”
    – to manifest my ego’s desires (a new job/home/car/soulmate)
    – to create my (ego’s) reality.
    – to perpetuate a persona
    – to market my brand, to make money, to build my career, or get more names for my newsletter list.
    – to be “happy”
    – to make me a “hot sexy juicy radiant goddess” who “gets everything she wants.”
    – to sell or deceive or delude or manipulate or seduce.

    That is shitting on Her Heart. That is raping my own soul.

    That is what I call, “the false feminine.”
    Or, patriarchy wearing a “goddess” costume….and it is everywhere these days.
    (look out for it)

    In Red words: Instead of trying to make the Divine Feminine my bitch, I become Her Bitch, yo….even if my “ideal” life gets destroyed in the process.

    7. Surrender Thyself

    I surrender to Her (over and over and over again).

    I surrender my agenda for my life, even if it appears “spiritual.” I release my ego‘s (or family’s or social circle’s or profession’s or spiritual group’s) goals. I trust that She’s Got Way Bigger Way Better Plans than my ego (or even my “spiritualized ego”) can possibly know.

    I ask Her to show me what I’m truly made of.


    By surrendering to Her, She ushers my soul’s truest desires forward and pushes them out of me, directly into my ordinary life.

    My soul gifts are Her gifts to this world. Offering them may grow my career, my bank account, my newsletter list, my reputation, my happiness quotient, my sexuality and attract a spiritual partnership, but these possible side benefits cannot be the reasons why I am consciously choosing to Know/Embrace/Unleash Her.

    This dynamic relationship with Her (inside and outside of me) has to be my priority, my heart’s truest beat… and I need to act like it.

    Daily, I practice letting go of my resistance, fears, excuses so I can more consciously embody Her, remember Her, and honor the fact that I am Her physical incarnation — Her hands, Her voice, Her heart, Her ears, Her eyes, Her Touch, Her womb, Her pussy, Her laughter, Her tears, Her rage, Her Love.

    Despite the very real fact that I am in training to be Her Here more consciously, I do not allow myself to become inflated, nor do I think I am the only one to Know/Embrace/Unleash Her.

    I know that there are as many God/desses as there are women (and men).
    I’m also aware that I Know Her from my particular level of consciousness, which will naturally shift and change as I do. In other words, She evolves as I do.

    “One should worship a divinity by becoming oneself a divinity. One who has not become a divinity should not worship a divinity. Anyone worshipping a divinity without becoming a divinity will not reap the fruits of that worship.”
 –Gandharva Tantra

    Ultimately, I surrender to my devotion to Her, my real, raw and roaring love for Her Who Is both me and beyond me. I live in and as Our never-ending Love Story.

    Viva la Redvolution!

    About the Author

    Sera Beak is a speaker on the Evolver Intensives course From Sex to Super-Consciousness: The Future of Love.” For this live, interactive video course, host Adam Gilad has assembled 8 remarkable experts on the ways that sensuality and intimacy provide an ecstatic path to profound spiritual experience. Joining Sera will be Reid Mihalko, Annie Lalla, Alex Allman, Michael Mirdad, Marc Gafni, Carol Queen, and Satyen Raja. It all starts on February 10.

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