Selling Illusions and the Dark Side of Politics

Julian Wash, Contributor
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Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can be persuaded into believing in something that isn’t real. The magician with his iconic hat and cloak is far from being the master of such illusions. This dubious distinction belongs to the politician. Behind their towering podium, they extol virtues of a utopian world while deceptively masking true intent.

  • And there is magic in their words. We want to believe in our elected— that they will indeed serve us in a dignified, judicious way and their campaign promises will come to fruition. But the role of the politician is duplicitous at best. Those who seek higher office often answer to a much lower calling. Motivated by the prospect of ill-gotten gains, some won’t hesitate to arrange lucrative deals and secure favors with guarantees that will stay in place long after leaving office. This lure can prove especially intoxicating to the high-functioning psychopath who would sell their country short in a heartbeat for the right price and a cursory nod in history books. They seem to always have a trick up their sleeve and an Ace of Spades hidden in their shoe.

    In the following paragraphs I’ll briefly touch on what arguably could be the most impressive of all tricks. It is an illusion of grand scale. It’s a maniacal construct so perverse, so malevolent, that it often defies comprehension. And that’s exactly why it works. This deception is known as “false flag” provocation. It’s an effective instrument for ushering in a flood of new laws along with sweeping changes to existing rules and policies.

    There are many of us who are beginning to see the fishing line and puppet strings that “rulers” use to control our world. Some would call us “tinfoil hat” conspiracy nuts. That doesn’t get us in much of a fluster these days. In fact, there are some of us who covet the distinction. Truth is our light and we make no apology for it. And the truth is out there. Not only CAN we handle the truth— now more than ever we must seek it!

    Sorry, False Flags are a Fact

    As difficult as it is to admit, false flag operations are a disturbing fact of life. These attacks can be loosely defined as a covert undertaking designed to deceive a population. The attack gives the appearance it was carried out by a foreign entity (or domestic terrorists,) when in fact it was carefully orchestrated by internally-trained experts. Something invariably goes “boom” and the blame game begins. Forces are rallied and guns are leveled. When the dust and smoke settles, a handful of mysterious people make off with a boatload of blood money.

    Damning evidence is planted and sometimes even phony witnesses are conjured to further implicate the targeted group. In such cases, the media is often complicit and will taint public opinion by choosing the right words in the headline and slanting the facts just far enough to sound fairly convincing. People who voice opposition to a military offensive are often snubbed as non-patriotic, enemy sympathizers or worse. Sooner or later a politician begins banging the war drums. And just like magic a highly developed response plan goes into effect. Complex laws and legislation are spawned practically overnight. Well, that’s because they were written well in advance just waiting for the rightful moment. It’s magic alright. Given an illusion of this scale, I don’t believe even David Copperfield could top such an act.

    The following offers a very brief overview of some major false flag undertakings. The noble guards of the tinfoil hat brigade already know about these. But for those who are still scratching their heads and puzzling over all this, I recommend going online and researching each of these events separately and in detail. Why do this? Because I know you CAN handle the truth!

    Emperor Nero allegedly ordered a covert mission to have a third of Rome burned down. He would later blame it on Christians who he claimed “hated the Human race.” Nero got what he wanted, a towering statue of himself and a huge complex dubbed the Domus Aurea.

    Remember the Maine? The U.S. battleship Maine mysteriously exploded and sank in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, in 1898. Well that fired up the Spanish-American war. Pretty darn convenient too- the war protected U.S. interests in the tobacco, sugar and iron trade with Cuba. Historians and researchers later surmised that the ship was likely blown up by the United States to provide a pretext to invade Cuba and expel Spain.

    —Then we have the notorious sinking of the Lusitania. This got us into WWI. Germans warned the U.S. government through our embassies that they would sink this civilian British vessel if she were to continue with her passages. The Germans suspected the ship was carrying a secret cargo of munitions. The media never printed those warnings, and true to their word, a German U-boat eventually torpedoed and sank the RMS Lusitania, taking nearly two thousands civilian passengers with her.

    Nearly a hundred years later, in 2008, divers discovered the Lusitania carried more than four million rounds of rifle ammunition. “There were literally tons and tons of stuff stored in unrefrigerated cargo holds that were dubiously marked cheese, butter and oysters,” according to Gregg Bemis, an American businessman who owns the rights to the wreck.

    The loss of lives provided the necessary support to pull the U.S. into this ugly war. Apparently they needed an innocent body count to get everyone riled up. They got it. How many passengers would have stayed off that ship if they knew of the warnings that were being silenced by our media?

    The Reichstag Fire proved to be Hitler’s ticket to impose broad-sweeping freedom reforms on German citizenry. This engineered crisis in February of 1933 resulted in an emergency decree restricting personal liberties, rights and freedoms. Sound sort of familiar? It led to Hitler’s “Enabling Act” which ultimately established him as a dictator.

    Gestapo Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring candidly admitted that “the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” …And so there you go.

    —Here’s a false flag that almost was. Operation Northwoods was a plan infamously conceived by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Operation Mongoose. During the height of the cold war with Cuba, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously proposed state-sponsored acts of terrorism that would take place in America. The plan included details on shooting down “hijacked” American airplanes, sinking U.S. ships and even randomly shooting Americans on the streets of D.C. and Miami. We would pin the blame on Cuba then offer up a swift and deadly retaliation. JFK buried the plan before it could get wings. Just over a year later, we would bury JFK.

    The Gulf of Tonkin served as impetus for entering the Vietnam War. Problem is it was just another ruse. On August 4, 1964, President Johnson went on national television telling the nation North Vietnam had attacked U.S. ships. “Repeated acts of violence against the armed forces of the United States must be met not only with alert defense, but with a positive reply. That reply is being given as I speak tonight,” Johnson snarled. Soon Congress would approve the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution for military operations against North Vietnam.

    Investigators are quite certain this attack never happened. Retired N.S.A. historian, Robert J. Hanyok, found in 2001 that the N.S.A. intentionally faked communications about the incident to create a false flag attack. Senators worried if these facts were ever released to the public that the masses would become infuriated. Hmmm? Maybe this is why they started putting fluoride in the water.

    Other possible false flags worthy of deeper investigation include the Oklahoma City bombings, the events of 9/11, the 2005 London City bombings and the list unfortunately goes on and on. –Tinfoil hat, conspiracy, nut-job stuff? I wish it were. I really do. But the pit in my stomach tells me otherwise. The Hegelian Dialectic stratagem famously put into concise terms by David Icke brings it down to this: “problem, reaction, solution.” Create a problem- stir a reaction- then wait for the government to ride in on a white horse and rescue everyone. But the rescue comes at a hefty price, most notably in the form of personal freedom restrictions and taxation. Using a “Strategy of Tension” and by not letting a good crisis go to waste, corrupt politicians can reap rewards from their global masters.

    Bomb Makers Rule the World

    Who’s really in charge? I say it’s not the government, but the people who build the biggest bombs. They’ve got all the weapons, so who do you think is going to bully them around? Big military contractors get the lucrative contracts to build jets, bombs and guns, and they don’t keep all that money in a shoe box. Nope- big, international, private banking institutions hold on to the booty. It’s a complimentary, almost incestuous relationship. It’s a monster money grab for sure. Nothing can bankrupt a nation faster than going to war. But a multinational entity can profit handsomely from military engagements. With globalists, there is no allegiance to a particular nation and not a tear to be found for the fallen. They enjoy moving pawns across the world chessboard and act only when it serves in their best interest.

    I don’t sense these globalists are particularly fond of people. They clearly don’t respect us. I swear sometimes I can reach right into their evil little brains and hear what they’re thinking. They don’t like us because to them we’re not very bright. If we were just a touch smarter, we could not be marched out on the front lines of a battlefield and ordered to shoot and kill people we don’t even know. Unfortunately I must admit they see us as simple-minded, malleable servants, hopelessly locked into a rigged system. All they have to do is get Mariah Carey to sing The Star Spangled Banner to get us all misty-eyed. She makes the line “bombs bursting in air” sound so beautiful… eeeyikes! Now I’m not knocking love for your nation. I’m merely reminding people how easy it is to get caught up in the lunacy of patriotism. In fact, there are very few “isms” I subscribe to.

    Now that I’ve managed to offend a few, I just want to say how much power you can unknowingly place into a system by fervently held beliefs. These beliefs can be controlled and manipulated externally and rather easily and often beyond your awareness. Be wary of the power you surrender to institutions, whether they are governmental, religious or educational in nature.

    Final Thought

    Many of us have a foreboding sense that things are about to escalate in a big and nasty way. There are no less than three major geopolitical fires burning at the moment and not enough resources to cool them all down. Those who we have entrusted as “leaders” to be civil-minded and fair seem more determined to exploit current situations than find meaningful resolutions.

    The question of nuclear warfare has come into discussion as of late. In my estimation, nuclear war is not anywhere near as profitable as the specter of nuclear war. So it’s not logical for that to happen. Still it’s creepy when one considers the level of sanity of those who are in position to make these decisions. The erroneous accusations hurled at Russia from people like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Secretary of State John Kerry only go further to aggravate an already tense situation regarding the recent downing of flight MH-17. Why would we taunt a world superpower in such a loosey-goosey, half-cocked way? -Strange times indeed.

    I’m putting a tinfoil hat on now as I wrap up this article. Someone should really shape one of these into a handsome Fedora and sell them on the internet. I think they could make a fortune. Instead of being mocked by this symbol, maybe we could turn it into a rather striking fashion statement. Ralph Lauren probably won’t add it to their “purple label” line of fine clothing anytime soon, but heck, that shiny hat is looking better to me all the time.

    -Until next time

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