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The Snowden Test

David Thrussell – Imagine for a moment that the Snowden saga is a test.

12 Ways the FBI Has Radically Expanded and Abused Its Powers Since 9/11

Will Potter, Green Is The New Red Waking Times Since September 11th, the FBI has radically expanded and abused its authority in the name of fighting terrorism. Much of this came with the blessing of the U.S. Congress and attorney general, but even with loosened legal restraints, the FBI has repeatedly reached for more power

Manipulating Our Electromagnetic Field for Better and for Worse

Fred på Jorden, Contributing Writer Waking Times  Our consciousness controls the electromagnetic field of the earth.  Love generates the strongest and most coherent waves, and that coherent energy is healthy for everything and everyone.  It does this to water. On the other end of the spectrum, hatred, anger, generate a dense low energy and does

Have Scientists Discovered a Way of Peering Into the Future?

Strange as it may seem, there’s nothing in the laws of physics that precludes the possibility of foreseeing the future. Time may not just move forwards – but backwards too. And if time ebbs and flows like the tides in the sea, it might just be possible to foretell the future.

The United States is a Private Corporation Not a Public Government

Jamie Lee, Contributor Waking Times Dear Fellow Country Men, Women and Children, We all have been lied to, deceived and mentally manipulated for over two centuries in this country. It is imperative that we all must learn, then educate others, the true meaning behind who and what the Federal government that rules us really is

WiFi – The Invisible Killing Fields

Jamie Lee, Contributor Waking Times “There are no safe levels of radiation.” –Barrie Trower, Physicist and former Military expert on Microwave Radiation The mass rollout of Wifi over the past decade has been phenomenal as to how integrated it has become in all facets of our society and our personal lives. Yet few have asked

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